Player vs Fan – Top 10 HEATED encounters between fans and football players

Here are some of the most iconic 'player vs footballer' moments in recent history.

Player vs Fan – Top 10 HEATED encounters between fans and football players

Some of the most heated moments between fans and players. (Images via Daily Mail, BBC and FUMA Magazin)

Football is by far the greatest sport in all of history. The fans, players, stadiums, and matches make it the biggest spectacle on the planet. However, football has its dark moments as well, with fans getting the better of players or an angry player lashing out at an unsuspecting fan.


From Cristiano Ronaldo to Patrice Evra and Lionel Messi, here is a list of the top 10 moments where players and fans got into a heated face-off with each other.

Jack Grealish vs Birmingham City fan

The 28-year-old Manchester City star is known for his dribbling, ball-holding, and off-the-ball movement. The player’s exploits at Aston Villa earned him a £100 million move to giants Manchester City. However, a shocking incident labeled his time at Aston Villa, as a Birmingham City fan ran onto the pitch to inflict harm on the player.

Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish (via X/@DailyMail)

An unsuspecting Grealish received a punch to the back of his head before the stewards and staff wrestled Mitchell to the ground. He received a lifetime ban from attending Birmingham matches.


Jamie Carragher vs Arsenal fan

The former Liverpool player turned football pundit, Jamie Carragher has had a history of harsh tackles and erratic behavior on the pitch. The current Sky Sports commentator and pundit once lost his temper during a game against Arsenal.

Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher (via AP)

A furious fan pelted a coin at Carragher after Dennis Bergkamp was red-carded for a stamp on the latter. Carragher wasted no time in picking up the coin and throwing it back at the fan, which resulted in him being sent off instantly. The player, however, instantly apologized after the game.

Craig Bellamy vs Manchester United fan

The former Manchester City star is known for an ill-tempered moment against a fan during the Manchester Derby. City’s rival Manchester United clinched victory in the final minute of the derby in 2009, much to the dislike of Craig Bellamy. A Manchester United fan ran onto the pitch in celebration as stewards had the situation under control.

Craig Bellamy
Craig Bellamy (via BBC)

However, Bellamy went up to the fan and slapped him across the face. The incident was investigated by the English FA and Manchester Police. However, Bellamy was not charged for the incident.


Patrice Evra vs Marseille fan

The former French international and Manchester United & Juventus player is known for his aggressiveness and defensive ability. However, in a moment where tempers were flaring, Evra got into a fight with a Marseille fan.

Patrice Evra
Patrice Evra (via X/@UtdFaithfuls)

The incident happened back in 2017 when the player was involved in an argument with a group of Marseille fans. The player lost his cool and proceeded to ‘karate kick’ the fan in the head. Following the incident, the player was handed a 7-month ban by UEFA.

Esteban Alvarado vs Ajax fan

AZ Alkmaar were up against Ajax when an unsuspecting Esteban Alvarado was approached by a fan. The 19-year-old fan, later identified as Wesley van W, ran onto the pitch, with the intent of harming the goalkeeper. However, Alvarado caught notice of the approaching fan and reacted just in time to return the ‘kick’ that was being dealt by the fan.

Esteban Alvarado
Esteban Alvarado (via FUMA Magazin)

The keeper, however, got the upper hand and proceeded to bash the fan with kicks. The keeper also received a straight red. The match was suspended as Alkmaar players were called off the pitch by their manager.


Alan Smith vs Manchester United fan

The Leeds United defender came under censure for an incident back in 2004 when his team was up against Manchester United. Alan Smith received a 3-match-ban for his actions as he hurled a bottle in the direction of the crowd during a 3-2 defeat to United.

Alan Smith
Alan Smith (via Daily Mail)

The player was initially arrested by the police but was later sent off and no criminal offences were charged.

Aaron Ramsdale vs Tottenham fan

The Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was at the receiving end of a disgraceful incident when Arsenal triumphed 2-0 against rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Ramsdale was celebrating in front of Tottenham forward Richarlison when a Tottenham fan jumped over the hoarding to land a kick on the goalkeeper’s back.

Aaron Ramsdale
Aaron Ramsdale (via X/@CentreGoals)

He then evaded the stewards to go back to his seat. Cameras have captured the incident as well as the identity of the assailant.


Eric Dier vs Tottenham fan

In an incident that resulted in Tottenham defender Eric Dier being handed a 4-match-ban, the player went against a verbally abusive Tottenham fan. As Tottenham lost a penalty shootout to Norwich City in the FA Cup, a fan verbally assaulted the player.

Eric Dier
Eric Dier (Via BBC)

He then proceeded to jump over the hoarding and climb over the seats as he saw his brother engaged in a tussle with the same fan. Even though there was no physical conflict, the F.A. imposed a $50,000 fine on Dier.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Everton fan

The former Manchester United star and club legend, Cristiano Ronaldo once had a moment to forget against an Everton fan who was trying to capture a video of the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo (Via

The player was storming down the tunnel after a frustrating game against Everton. The player hit the phone out of the supporter’s hand, which saw him receive a 2-match suspension and a £50,000 fine for his actions.


Eric Cantona vs Crystal Palace fan

The Frenchman is known for his time at Manchester United, leading the club to multiple league titles during his time at the club. However, in a moment of fury, thethen-Unitedd captain Eric Cantona flew studs-first onto a fan.

Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona (Via The United Stand)

Matthew Simmons, a Crystal Palace fan, screamed expletives at the United player who just saw red for a foul. His provocation proved to be deadly, as Cantona hurled himself at the fan. This resulted in a ban for the remainder of the season and a £20,000 fine for the player.

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