Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

La Liga is one of the most prominent leagues in world football. If the beautiful game could very well be defined in a most obvious way then it would be la liga in every sense of the word.


So following are the list of Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

5. Real Sociedad – $434.94 M

Real Sociedad among the Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

Real Sociedad is one of those less famous clubs who surprises the entire Europe from time to time. This prestigious Spanish club stands at the 5 position in this list. The football of this beautiful club is quite different from other Spanish top flight clubs.

Real Sociedad continues to carry on the legacy of La liga across the globe. Especially in recent years its footballing philosophy has been quite remarkable. And with the likes of David Silva returning to his boyhood club it is definitely showing signs of progress all over.


4. Sevilla –  $647.39 M

Sevilla among the Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

The King of Europa League, Sevilla is a club other than the big three of La liga which is feared the most across Europe. The market value of this club is evaluated at around $647.39. It is a club whose football is an eye-catching one.

It is one of the few clubs in Spanish Top Flight that actually makes life tough for the big three clubs in the league. Big names like Sergio Ramos, Ivan Rakitic and now Anthony Martial are representing the famous white and red of Sevilla.

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3. Atletico Madrid – $711.15 M

Atletico Madrid among the Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

One of the ‘Big Three’ clubs of La liga, Atletico Madrid are a pure joy to watch at any given day and at any given competition. Their classic Rivalry with Real Madrid in the form of the Madrid Derby has a separate caliber in itself.


This club has been revolutionised by their legendary manager Diego Simeone. There’s a reason why he is the most paid manager in the world even ahead of the likes of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Their stadium Wanda Metropolitano has a very different vibe and depicts the true philosophy of the club.

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2. FC Barcelona – $ 716.10 M

FC Barcelona among the Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

Does this club require any introduction at all? FC Barcelona is a club that defines the beautiful game in its purest sense. It has a rich history of having a philosophy that is more on the beautiful end than on the statistical end when seen from a tactical point of view.

FC Barcelona stands at the second place as the most valuable club in the Spanish Top Flight competition. Their fierce rivalry with another Spanish Giant Real Madrid is eternal in nature. Jose Mourinho once said – “FC Barcelona hates Real Madrid more than they love Barcelona”.


This in itself sums up the roots of the club’s mentality. It is because of the history between the two giants on and off the pitch which makes this rivalry even more complex than it actually is from a sporting perspective.

1. Real Madrid – $ 858 M

Real Madrid acing the list of Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In La Liga

Was there ever any doubt, as to who would be at the very top of this list? Real Madrid is unarguably the most successful club in the history of the beautiful game. It is not only a club which has dominated domestically but also globally.

And it is not like they have done it in the modern era only or in the past. Real Madrid was and currently is the most successful club with 13 European Crowns in their names which is absolutely crazy and holds a record of winning it 5 consecutive times in the 50’s.

Even in the modern times they were close enough to reach that feat as they won 4 UCL in 5 seasons in the legendary era of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos, Kroos, Modric and Marcelo.



These were the names of the most valuable clubs in La Liga. La liga may not be the best league in the world in terms of competitiveness but it never fails to attract the biggest names in the history of sports to become a part of this prestigious league.