WATCH: Sadio Mane snubs manager Jurgen Klopp’s Handshake request after Liverpool’s 4-2 victory against Manchester United

Jurgen Klopp and Sadio Mane shared a embarrassing moment after Liverpool's 4-2 win over Manchester United.

Sadio Mane snubs manager Jurgen Klopp's Handshake request after Liverpool's 4-2 victory against Manchester United
Sadio Mane snubs manager Jurgen Klopp's Handshake request after Liverpool's 4-2 victory against Manchester United
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Liverpool defeated Manchester United 4-2 in a tense game at the Old Trafford. The victory at Old Trafford was a first for Liverpool after 7 years and has reignited their hopes of Top-4 finish this season.

However, the talking point of the match came right at the end as players started to walk off the pitch. Sadio Mane refused to shake his manager Jurgen Klopp’s hand after when the German approached the forward.

Jurgen Klopp defended Sadio Mane after the incident in his post-match press conference

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp came onto the pitch to congratulate his players after the victory. In doing so, as he approached Sadio Mane, the forward ignored his manager and walked off the pitch.

Sadio Mane started on the bench as Jurgen Klopp preferred the trio of Jota, Salah and Firmino over the Senegal attacker. This appears to have angered Mane and he let his manager know at the end of the match.

Sadio Mane came on as a second half substitute only after the 73rd minute as Jota looked tired in the second half. Klopp however, denied any sort of rift with the player when asked about the issue.

Klopp told reporters: “I cannot make a bigger story of it as it is. Football is an emotional game and everyone expects from us to control our emotions always. It doesn’t work out always, that’s the case.”

It happened to me as a player, it happened to other players when I was their coach. We had so far no real chance to talk about it but we will and there will be nothing left. Everything will be fine.

The Liverpool manager added: “The thing is, if somebody shows me respect five million times, and one time not, what is more important?

The world is in this situation where you [the media] make this one time bigger than necessary. That is unfortunately the case, and I hope for you that your boss will not forget, if one time you don’t show him respect, all the other stuff. Even now, I can see the headlines you will make.

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