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Former superstar teases return at Royal Rumble

Andrade teased his return after the match of Charlotte Flair sparking their on-screen pairing in upcoming Raw segments.


On Monday night RAW we saw one-half of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair take on Lacey Evans in a one-on-one match. The match ended in Lacey Evan’s win, with interference from Ric Flair.

The match was booked by WWE booked after Lacey Evans tried to hit on Ric Flair. Last week during RAW Legends Night before the Nature Boy accidentally tripped Charlotte Flair and cost her the match. This caused tensions and uproar with Charlotte and her father.

After that incident, on tonights RAW, Ric Flair again appeared during Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans’ match. The Nature Boy distracted Charlotte and helped Lacey Evans win, turning on his own daughter. WWE teased a romantic angle between the two of them as they went backstage together. This showed a storyline for a family break-up which would have an ultimate showdown at Royal Rumble.

Can charlotte and andrade become an active on-screen pair?

Andrade with Flair

Now, former WWE United States Champion and Charlotte Flair’s fiancée Andrade has reacted to the segment. On twitter he teased his return as he mentioned “ you need someone on your corner’.

It is to be noted that Andrade has been out of action for nearly three months now. This injury was almost career ending but looks like he has bounced back. Last month, it was reported by various agencies that WWE is discussing the idea of having an on-screen pairing of Charlotte Flair and Andrade.

The report also stated that the reason behind this thought process is to elevate Andrade into the main event level using Charlotte’s star power. This was earlier discouraged by Andrade, who wanted to climb the ladders himself.

While there is no confirmation yet, the above tweet from Andrade could hint that he might return to WWE soon and help Charlotte Flair out in her feud with Lacey Evans and Ric Flair. This feud is expected to extend to Wrestlemania.

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