‘Haas officially terminate Nikita Mazepin’s contract, amidst growing pressure due to global tensions

FIA hasn't done enough to send a strong message against the war but Haas certainly has done

Nikita Mazepin
Nikita Mazepin

The world has been take aback by the war that Russian President has declared against Ukraine. The effects of the war can be seen everywhere. Whether it is the stock market, the UN or even sporting events like Formula 1. The sport has had to take a firm stand against the atrocities inflicted upon Ukraine and its citizen by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Haas, specifically, was caught in the middle of it but has acted appropriately even if that has come at a financial cost. Even when Haas was just barely able to break even, Haas decided to take a decision which surprised the world and applaud them for their stand against the war. Haas decided to drop their Russian sponsor Uralkali even while being in such a crunch financial situation.

This would mean that Haas could incur a loss of around 40 million dollar this year. But this also meant that there was uncertainty regarding the future of Nikita Mazepin, the song of oligarch Dmitry Mazepin, who is also a part owner in Haas’ sponsor, Uralkali. FIA recently gave Nikita Mazepin when they allowed Russian drivers to compete in Formula 1 under a neutral license.

FIA hasn’t done enough to send a strong message against the war but Haas certainly has done

F1 team Haas and Vladmir Putin
F1 team Haas and Vladmir Putin

But that hope has been taken away as Haas has decided to drop Nikita Mazepin as their driver and replace him with reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi who would be Mick Schumacher’s team mate.

Nikita Mazepin was not able to get on the scoreboard last season and this attack by Russia reduced his chances even further. FIA hasn’t done enough to send a strong to end the war and David Richards, who is a former boss of Jenson Button’s BAR Honda team thrashed the FIA and said, “It is our duty to use whatever influence and leverage we might have to bring this wholly unjustified invasion of Ukraine to a halt.”

We would encourage the motorsport community and our colleagues around the world to fully embrace the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee and do whatever we can to end this war.” As reported by dailymail.co.uk.

FIA’s response to the whole situation against the war was bleak to say the least and this was an opportunity for them to clean the slate after the Abu Dhabi debacle. But what Haas has done is commendable and should be applauded for that.

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