“Russia will not have a race in the future” Formula One terminates contract with Russian Grand Prix

Russia has a contract with Formula One to host races till 2025.

Sochi Autodrom in Russia

After Russia’s military conflict with Ukraine escalated to a full-fledged invasion, multiple countries have imposed sanctions and international organisations including Sporting authorities have taken action against Russia. The International Olympic Committee ban Russian and Belorussian athletes to participate in international events. 

Even Motorsports UK which is UK’s motorsports and racing authority have taken swift actions to ban Russian or Belarusian licenced teams, competitors or officials to participate in sanctioned events in the UK. And Formula one has now released a statement condemning Putin’s actions and has taken a decision to remove Russian Grand Prix from the Formula One calendar.

Last week a decision was taken by Formula one to omit the 2022 Russian Grand Prix concerning it was “impossible” to host a race in such a situation and that the body was “monitoring the situation” in Russia. But with the current decision Formula One has taken strong action against warfare and Russia’s atrocities.

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Formula One terminates Russian Grand Prix contract

The Russian Grand Prix
The Russian Grand Prix

The FIA had earlier taken a decision to initiate a ban on all motorsport events in Russia and Belarus. The ban also bans nationals and teams from the two countries from participating in international events. However Russian/Belarusian drivers and teams were allowed to participate in their neutral capacity and under the “FIA flag”, subject to FIA’s approval.

Formula one later made a public statement to terminate Russia’s contract to host a Formula One Grand Prix. “Formula 1 can confirm it has terminated its contract with the Russian Grand Prix promoter meaning Russia will not have a race in the future,” it said in a statement.

Russia has a contract with Formula One to host races till 2025. This year’s Russian Grand Prix was set to be the last at the Sochi Autodrom before the event moves to the Igora Drive circuit outside St Petersburg from 2023 onwards. But with the new ban F1 will not be returning to the nation’s new circuit for some time.

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