Free Fire 999 Problem: Solved

The thread between the server and your device is what defines Ping in technical terms and that has been serving as a problem in Free Fire.


A new bug circulating in the Free Fire world is the latest Free Fire 999 problem. In simple words, 999 is a problem in Free Fire when your in-game ping goes beyond 999 ms and the game starts lagging. A smoother gaming experience is everyone’s choice but bugs can occur anytime. High ping is a common major problem among gamers in India. A detailed solution for your Free Fire 999 problem has been summarized in this article.

Free Fire 999 Problem: MS and Ping

free fire
Free Fire

The thread between the server and your device is what defines Ping in technical terms. Better the quality of the thread, stronger will be your connection. MS stands for a millisecond and 1000 ms equals 1 second. A delay in your character’s action is a result of high MS or high ping. There’s a way to fix this new Free Fire 999 problem. Here are some alternatives:

1. Airplane Mode/Network: Click on the ‘airplane’ button on your smartphone and wait for the issue to be resolved. Turning on and off the airplane mode may solve this problem.

2. Set-up a Better APN: For Jio users, the following APN is recommended:

Name: Jio 4G or Jio Data
APN: JioNet
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: JioNet
Password: Not set
Server: {for browsing and improved speed}
MMSC: Not set
MMSC port: Not set
Authentication type: PAP
APN type: default, {don’t use capital word}
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6
Bearer: LTE (set LTE only)

3. Restart Phone/Graphics Settings: Restarting your smartphone might fix this problem in some cases. If not, change your graphics setting and reduce the graphics quality.

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