Garena Free Fire: How To Get DJ Alok For Free? Biggest DJ Alok Giveaway

DJ Alok is a Free Fire character he is very powerful and has passive abilities which give players a huge advantage in intense situations. Here's is a way to get DJ Alok for Free!

DJ Alok

How To Get DJ Alok For Free- Garena Free Fire is known for its unique collaborations and events in Game. The new OB28 is packed full of events and a lot of new exciting Collaborations. Free Fire mainly revolves around characters in-game. Currently, it has 35 characters in-game with each character having unique abilities and powers.

These unique ability combinations can help the players to get a Booyah! in the game. Many characters in the game are based on real-life celebrities like Alok, KSHMR, Jai, and Chrono. Here is an article on how to get Free DJ Alok.

DJ Alok is now the strongest character compared to all the characters after OB27 Update, As many players complained about Chrono’s abilities were overpowered so Chrono was nerfed. So, DJ Alok remains strong in the battle grounds.

Why DJ Alok is so popular in Free Fire?

DJ Alok
Garena Free Fire: How To Get DJ Alok For Free? Biggest DJ Alok Giveaway 4

DJ Alok Free Fire is based on the famous Brazilian DJ, Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo. He is popularly known as DJ Alok. Likewise the character came into the game due to a collaboration between Alok and Free Fire.

His in-game description reads, “Alok is a world famous DJ, ready to drop the beat.”

DJ Alok’s Ability: Drop the Beat

DJ Alok
DJ Alok

Alok has a very potent ability called Drop the Beat. Likewise this is an active ability. At the initial level, it creates a 5m aura around the character which increases ally movement speed by 10%. Moreover, it also restores 5 HP/sec for 5 seconds.

LevelAbility Increased
Level 2Movement speed increased by 11% and healing duration increased to 6 seconds.
Level 3Movement speed increased by 12% and healing duration increased to 7 seconds.
Level 4Movement speed increased by 13% and healing duration increased to 8 seconds.
Level 5Movement speed increased by 14% and healing duration increased to 9 seconds.
Level 6Create an 5m aura that increase moving and sprinting speed by 15% and restore 5 HP for 10 seconds.

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How to get Free DJ Alok?

How to get free DJ Alok
Garena Free Fire: How To Get DJ Alok For Free? Biggest DJ Alok Giveaway 5

Free DJ Alok can be gained in many ways for free by doing Google Surveys, Feedback programs. Alok costs 599 diamonds in the game, which is around 480 Rupees in-game. So, to get DJ Alok in an easier way we have come with a special giveaway for you all. Reducing the efforts of taking surveys and giving feedback.

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Free DJ Alok
Garena Free Fire: How To Get DJ Alok For Free? Biggest DJ Alok Giveaway 6

We are doing one of the biggest giveaways in the history of 50 DJ Aloks, you all heard it right 50 DJ Alok giveaway. So here are some simple rules to follow to win a DJ Alok for you and your friends absolutely for free.

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