Free Fire Rate up spin: Win Weapon skins and loot crates!

The Free Fire Rate up event is now live and here is how players can get skins from it!

Free Fire Rate up
Free Fire Rate up

Free Fire has a variety of events that appear in the game and are rewarding for the players to participate in. Here we discuss about the Free Fire Rate Up spin where the players can select what grand prize they want!

Free Fire cosmetics are very popular among the players and the weapon skins and loot crates are one of the desired ones. These allow the weapons to get buffs on the battlefields and can enhance player experience. Many events feature these skins and the Free Fire Rate up is one of them.

Free Fire rate up event

Free Fire Rate up spin
Free Fire Rate up spin

On starting this Lucky Draw, players will be given a choice to select the Grand prize weapon skin that they want the most among ones present. Upon selecting one, the chance to get it increases by a lot.

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Free Fire Rate up spin
Grand Prizes

The prize pool for the event include:

Grand Prizes

  • MP40 – Mechanical
  • M1014 – Underground Howl
  • AK – The Flaming Dragon
  • AUG-Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • M4A1-Scorching Sands
  • Scar-Cupid
  • Thompson-Time Travellers
  • MP5-Nutcracker
  • UMP-Cataclysm
  • SKS-Hysteria
Free Fire Rate up spin
Free Fire spin

Miscellaneous Prize

  • Mechgirl MP40 Crate
  • Fiery M1014 Crate
  • Dragon AK Crate
  • Bounty Hunter AUG Crate
  • Earth M4A1 Crate
  • Cupid Scar Crate
  • Thompsons Time Travellers Crate
  • Mr. Nuttcracker Mp5 Crate
  • Make it rain P90 Loot crate
  • Ruby Bride AN94 Crate
  • Swordsman Legends SVD Crate
  • and much more!

Players need to select any grand prize before entering the Free Fire Rate up spin and then they can spin the wheel for 1 time with 25 diamonds and 10+1 time with 250 diamonds.

How to access the Spin in Free Fire?

YouTube: P4F GAMER
  • Open the Free Fire app and then navigate to the Calendar section on the right side of the screen.
  • After this, click on the Events tab and then on the Rate Up spin tab on the left.
  • Click on “Go To” and the spin will open and players can spin using the “Spin” options.

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