From taking to the pool as one-year-olds to winning multiple medals at Khelo India University Games – The inspiring story of twins Aarti and Jyoti Patil

Aarti and Jyoti are world-record holders who swam 5 km together in the sea in 90 minutes at the age of 4.

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Sport has a habit of producing the most remarkable stories that inspire. The story of twins Aarti Patil and Jyoti Patil is one such. From being cast into the pool at the age of 1 to creating a world record at the age of 4 to winning multiple medals at the Khelo India University Games, the two have come a long way and it is evident that they are only getting started. A bright future of achievements, laurels and plaudits awaits.

It was the twins’ father, Bajirao Patil who made them who they are today. An extraordinary swimmer himself, Bajirao once swam the Greek Seas for 13 hours at a stretch. His outstanding talent and Olympic dreams notwithstanding, he couldn’t afford to turn professional and hence, gave up on his dreams to become a cop in order to support his family. He has now sought to achieve his dreams through his daughters.

World-record holders at the age of 4

Aarti and Jyoti Patil

Jyoti and Aarti were first introduced to swimming at an age when they were able to walk – one. In a span of three years, when they were four-year-olds, the twins became world record holders. They swam 5 km together in the sea in 90 minutes which is a world record till date for twins.

Since then they have won medal after medal, accolade after accolade with their most recent one being in the last Khelo India University Games. They’re well-supported in their journey to greatness by Welspun foundation which is the only program in the country to support females athletes.

During the COVID-19 lockdown unfortunately, the duo was unable to go into a pool for a period of more than 8 months. Their father sent them to their village in Kolhapur so that they could be able to train. They were able to work out in the gym and go cycling or jogging, they dearly missed the pool.

Now that all restrictions are lifted, they are now back where they belong – in the pool, raring to make their name. Thanks to their hard-work and determination, it seems amply clear that Aarti and Jyoti are two names we haven’t heard the last of.

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