“I was nervous!” Gervonta Davis reveals being intimated by Ryan Garcia’s punching power before fight

Gervonta Davis revealed that he was nervous before his highly anticipated fight against Ryan Garcia because of his knockout power.

“I was nervous!” Gervonta Davis reveals being intimated by Ryan Garcia’s punching power before fight

Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis (image credit- Marca)

Gervonta Davis is currently set to fight Frank Martin on June 16 and will be returning to the ring after over a year. Furthermore, his last fight was the biggest PPV event of the year and was against the viral Instagram boxer, Ryan Garcia. As such, ahead of his current fight, Davis reflected on his sentiments before his last fight. 

The fight between Davis and Garcia was expected to be explosive because of their reputations as knockout artists. Tank has always been able to land powerful punches, despite his size and weight. Similarly, KingRy has always displayed incredible punching speed and a devastating left hook, which ended most of his fights. Hence, Garcia’s reputation seems to have even intimated Davis before they fought, even though he had faced several formidable opponents.

I was nervous. When his brother came in, he told me, ‘You going to feel it’. I said, ‘What?!’

Gervonta Davis via Premier Boxing Championship 

During an episode of the Premier Boxing Championship’s “Gloves Off” series, Davis and Martin were featured at their training camps. Subsequently, Gervonta Davis spoke about Garcia and revealed his sentiments before their fight. In addition, he mentioned how Garcia’s brother Sean Garcia was present when he got his wraps. 

As such, Sean also mentioned that he would feel his brother’s power, which only fed into his nervousness. However, Davis did not let this faze him, and during their fight, he was able to tactfully deal with Garcia and win via knockout.

Gervonta Davis predicts knockout against Frank Martin

Davis has recently sparked a discussion on the internet as he prepares to face Martin. Furthermore, Tank is considered one of the best lightweight fighters of our time, boasting a 29-0 win streak and an impressive 27 knockout wins. 

Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin
Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin (image credit- Marca)

However, predicting the knockout round of your opponent in advance of the fight requires more than just skill. This is something that the legendary Muhammad Ali was very well known for doing, and his prediction would be accurate. As such, Davis appears to be following the same path and has predicted the round he will win via knockout. 

Hence, Davis, who is very active on the social media platform X, predicted a ninth-round knockout. Both fighters are currently brimming with confidence, and Martin also believes he will win. In addition, both boxers are also in tremendous physical shape already.

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