“The most blunt answer,” Goldberg reveals the sole reason why he hasn’t signed with AEW, even after multple discussions with Tony Khan

Goldberg last wrestled in a match at the Elimination Chamber in 2022.

“The most blunt answer,” Goldberg reveals the sole reason why he hasn’t signed with AEW, even after multple discussions with Tony Khan

Goldberg and Tony Khan (via WWE and AEW)

Goldberg thought about signing with AEW after his contract expired at the end of 2022. He even had a few phone calls with Tony Khan in the past regarding the decision, but it just didn’t work out. The WCW legend reveals why he didn’t join the Jacksonville-based company in an interview.


While speaking on 93.7 The Ticket, Goldberg was asked whether he ever contemplated joining AEW. He stated that although he had multiple discussions with AEW co-owner Tony Khan, their product was too ‘cheesy’. The 57-year-old said he should feel like he was a member of the roster, and that wasn’t possible with a company like AEW. 

Even after he departed from WWE, he remained an interesting and important figure for discussions among fans. Recently, he criticized WWE for letting Asuka beat his 173-match undefeated streak. The legend also didn’t like how many superstars were using his finisher move, Spear. Goldberg got a lot of heat from fans because of his controversial statements. 

I’ve talked to him a number of times throughout the past. But this is where you’re gonna get the most blunt answer you’re gonna get from me. The product’s too cheesy.
Goldberg via 93.7 The Ticket

Goldberg wrestled his last match against Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber in 2022. He has expressed his disappointment with Vince McMahon for not giving him his retirement match. It is still unknown whether he will ever return to the ring or if the WWE Universe has seen the last of him. 


Goldberg explained why he won’t comment on Vince McMahon’s allegations

Former TKO Chairman, Vince McMahon was accused of s*xual harassment and trafficking, according to the lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant. Many superstars have shared their opinions on the incident, but Goldberg decided not to say anything about it. 

Goldberg and Vince McMahon
Goldberg and Vince McMahon (via WWE and Wrestling News)

While speaking on 93.7 The Ticket, the WCW legend was asked about his opinion on the recent allegations of sex*al assault against his former employer. Goldberg stated that he couldn’t comment on a topic like this without knowing the facts. He also backed up the current owners of the company by saying their decision had worked in favor of fans. 

The allegations and the things that have come to the forefront over the past six months or a year, I have no comment on it. It’s not my place.
Goldberg on Vince McMahon via 93.7 The Ticket

McMahon continues to deny all of it and said he would vigorously defend himself. He recently sold another $100 million worth of TKO stock. Only time will tell whether he gets out of this deep hole of allegations or not. 

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