Can golfers drink alcohol on the PGA Tour?

'drunk driving' is now past, drinking and golfing is the new cool thing in town.

Is alcohol allowed on the golf course? IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
Is alcohol allowed on the golf course? IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
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Golf has somewhat of a traditional and conservative touch to it. And the guys that play, they too have a serene and calm personality. Well, exceptions are everywhere I guess. But seeing from a macro perspective golf has a homely feeling to it. The brisk pace of the game, the subtle plays in midst of the game, and the smiles all around make golf look like a gentleman’s game, but we know that it’s not just this.

There’s a whole new dimension when it comes to the technicalities of the game, the pressure players feel on a simple putt, and the little things that no one sees but matter a lot. But alcohol on the PGA Tour remains a matter of question to be solved.

There’s also some curiosity around the “fun” part of the game, especially on the PGA tour. So have you ever asked yourself the question about what the pro-golfers do for recreational purposes during the PGA tour?

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Is alcohol on the PGA Tour allowed?

Is alcohol allowed on the golf course? IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
Is alcohol allowed on the PGA Tour? IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The PGA’s policy for golfers is to restrict golfers from consumption as the event is widely spectated on the field and even on streaming and television. Thus PGA has contemplated this as a breach of etiquette. Although there is no such prohibition on consuming alcohol.

Although if you’re a golf-head and viewing the action in a first-hand experience then you would have to be respectful of viewer decorum issues everywhere in the golf circuit.

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What is expected of the fans and spectators?

Golf and the PGA Tour

This sport literally provides its fans an immersive experience of watching the sport and the stars from as close as humanely possible. Players normally hit the golf ball through roughs and all kinds of weird positions. Imagine standing next to Rory Mcllroy or Tiger Woods and seeing them drive the ball down the green, and that too at a one-arm distance.

But all this comes with a pinch of caution that the fans and spectators have to bear with the full obligation. The PGA entrusts this to their fans and expects them to behave in a well-mannered way. As trust goes both ways, the fans have not led down the PGA on the matter towards any shameful incident.

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What do players actually drink at the course?

Tiger Woods
Drinks on the PGA Tour

The shining sun, long walk for the next hole, round the day gameplay takes a lot out of th players. And one knows that theyhave to be on the top of their game all day. Thus, they keep themselves hydrated through various isotonic fluids such as Lucozade, Powerade and Gatorade. And who does not love a chilled bear after a long day at work, thus the occasional beer is what majority players opt for.

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