Ex-Donald Trump Golf course worker files sexual harassment lawsuit against supervisor, claims to be tricked into signing illegal NDA

Donald Trump has found his name in the middle of controversy again as a former worker of his NJ golf course has filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment at workplace.

Ex-Donald Trump Golf course worker files sexual harassment lawsuit against supervisor, claims to be tricked into signing illegal NDA

Donald Trump Golf course (Pic Credit: Associated Press)

It seems former USA President Donald Trump‘s name may be involved in another shocking golf controversy. A former worker at one of his courses in New Jersey has now filed a lawsuit against one of her supervisors. She has also alleged that one of the attorney also tricked her into signing an illegal non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


The victim identified as Alice Bianco informed about this while filing a case in the Middlesex Superior Court in NJ. In this case, the name of Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba has now surfaced up. She was claimed to be the attorney who got Bianco into signing this NDA. However, the name of Trump is not included as a defendant in this case.

As per the lawsuit, the trouble for Bianco began in May 2021. She claimed to face severe harassment from her supervisor. The former worker also claimed that the manager Pavel Melichar continued to harass and forcibly tried to kiss her.

Bianco would later complain about her harassment to Trump’s personal staff through a letter. She would later get a call from the human resources department and soon decided to hire a lawyer. This was reported to be the time Habba stepped in and tried to help her and tricked her into signing this document and settling the case.


Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habbo denies working any differently in this case

This lawsuit by former Donald Trump golf course worker Alice Bianco has once again stunned the world. The name of the former US President has once again become the center stage. This time the names of his lawyer Alina Habbo also showed up. The attorney though had fired back at the lawsuit and claimed she did not work any differently in this case.

Alina Habba and Donald Trump
Alina Habba (L) and Donald Trump (R) [Pic Credit: AP/Imago]
"I always conduct myself ethically and acted no differently in this circumstance,"
Alina Habba through an email to POLITICO.

As per the lawsuit, Habba acted as a “friend” in trying to help out Bianco and warned him about Melachar. She has also been alleged to have encouraged the worker to fire her lawyer and shared some negative articles regarding the attorney.

Habba would later tell her Bianco to not move forward with this case and promised to protect her from this situation. Meanwhile. POLITICO also tried to reach out to Melichar who later denied any knowledge of the incident.

"I don’t know anything about it and I have nothing to say."
Pavel Melichar through POLITICO.

It now remains to be seen what happens with the lawsuit. The names of Trump and Habba are likely to be dragged around as the court now starts its probe into this serious matter.


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