“You didn’t listen to us!”: LIV Golf defectors Patrick Reed and Pat Perez blame ‘intolerant’ PGA Tour for switch

Pat Perez and Patrick Reed defended the LIV Series while slamming the PGA Tour for not listening to the players.

Pat Perez, Patrick Reed
Pat Perez, Patrick Reed
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The newly inaugurated LIV Golf Series has caused quite the controversy in the golf world, as tensions run high amongst players. Several PGA Tour golfers have defected to the LIV Series, causing a major divide in opinions. The defectors have been reprimanded, suspended and criticised for joining the controversial Saudi backed series. However, golfers have started speaking up in defence of the LIV Series, while stating their reasons to leave the Tour.

Recently at a LIV press conference, Patrick Reed and Pat Perez spoke out about why the joined the LIV Series, primarily blaming it on the intolerance of the PGA Tour and its commissioner Jay Monahan. “Monahan just shut it out from the start. Didn’t want to listen, didn’t want to take a meeting,” said Perez according to Daily Mail.

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LIV Golf defectors Patrick Reed, Pat Perez slam PGA Tour for behaviour

Patrick Reed, PGA Tour, LIV Golf
Patrick Reed

“They didn’t listen to the players. Somehow, the tour, they keep talking about ‘Oh yea, we work for you, we work for the players.’ But it’s the opposite. Seems like we work for them. We don’t have a say in anything,” criticised the three time PGA Tour winner. As the LIV Golf series started, the PGA Tour decided to suspend all player who had defected, with Monahan saying that they had decided to turn their backs on the Tour.

“Listen to the players for once. We should be able to do whatever we want, we’re independent contractors,” said Perez. He continued that the LIV Series has given him the opportunity to play golf and have his own schedule. “I’m a 30- to 33-week guy every year I’ve done it. And now I don’t have to.”

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