LIV Golf suffers MASSIVE setback as Masters rebuff hopes of changing qualification criteria for 2024 tournament

The Masters have now announced that they are not going to change their qualification process for LIV Golfers in 2024.

LIV Golf suffers MASSIVE setback as Masters rebuff hopes of changing qualification criteria for 2024 tournament

Fred Ridley (L) and Phil Mickelson (R) [Pic Credit: AP/Imago]

After their application for the allotment of the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR) points was denied, it seems LIV Golf is about to face another heartbreak. The Masters tournament organizers have now claimed that they do not intend to change the qualification criteria for LIV Golfers in 2024.

The Masters, played at the Augusta National, is one of the most popular events in golf. To qualify for this tournament, golfers have to finish in the top 50 in the OWGR rankings last calendar season or be in the top 50 a week prior to the event. Since LIV Golf does not receive points, the players on that circuit see their rankings being affected.


While LIV Golfers will be allowed to participate again, the rules are not going to be changed as per Club Chairman Fred Ridley. Recently, Bryson DeChambeau suggested a unique way in which LIV stars could qualify for the majors. It is likely that his idea was not selected.

"While we do not at this time anticipate making any changes in 2024, you know, we do always look at them and we will continue to do that. I would just answer by saying that, you know, that our qualifications are very much dynamic, and we adjust to what we feel is the best interests of the tournament..."
Fred Ridley as per ESPN.

Which LIV Golfers will be able to appear at The Masters in 2024?

While the decision by The Masters might be a setback for the LIV Golf, they will still have some of their big names at the Augusta National next year. Reigning PGA Champion Brooks Koepka and Australia’s Cameron Smith have booked their places due to the OWGR rankings. These two are the only LIV Golf stars in the top 50 rankings.

Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson
Sergio Garcia (L) and Phil Mickelson (R), two former Masters winners [Pic Credit: Imago]

Former winners are given a lifetime exemption from the tournaments. So players like Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, and others who won the green jacket before will be exempted from the qualification for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, players who win the other three majors get a five-year exemption.


With the golf merger likely to go through by the end of the year, there are changes that some new rules could be brought in. Until then, this is the only way LIV Golf players can get into The Masters for now.

The Master tournament next season will take place in the week of April 8 to April 14. Defending champion Jon Rahm will enter this tournament with high pressure on his shoulders and with the expectation of wearing the green jacket once again.

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