“Don’t think the product is very good,” 3x major champion Nick Price SLAMS ‘unwatchable’ LIV Golf

Nick Price does not support LIV Golf and believes that the Saudi Arabia-funded tour will have difficulty gaining a fan base.

“Don’t think the product is very good,” 3x major champion Nick Price SLAMS ‘unwatchable’ LIV Golf

Nick Price (Image via Bunkered)

As the LIV Golf season rolls on, another former major champion has taken a shot at the controversial league. 1994 Open Championship winner Nick Price joins the list of critics turning away from the league, but this time the issues aren’t monetary.

According to reports from The Mirror, the Zimbabwean champion is not pleased with the Saudi-funded tour’s “product”. He goes on to explain that the tour does not have much to offer to the viewers and compares the series with the Indian Premier League(IPL) in cricket. LIV Golf, like IPL has a franchise-based structure but right now does not have the power to attract viewers, Price believes.

In an interview with Bunkered Price said:

I’ve tried to watch LIV, but I don’t think the product they have is very good. I don’t know why they tried to reinvent the wheel. I think the IPL in cricket had a lot to do with the decision-making and the way they tried to set it up with the franchises.
Nick Price on LIV Golf.

The World Golf Hall of Famer further claimed that he would have joined LIV Golf in the later stages of his career for the money. He would later express his annoyance with the players who joined LIV Golf and then bad-mouthed the PGA Tour.

Price emphasizes that these players should not forget the immense financial success they achieved on the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf continues to face hard time in attracting viewers even with their high-profile signings

Despite the star power and financial muscle, the LIV Golf is struggling against the PGA Tour. The Saudi-backed tour continues to come up short in attracting viewers compared to their rivals.

Greg Norman
LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman (Pic Credit: The Boston Globe)

As per the data, the tour has brought in a revenue of £390 million in 2023. On the other hand, LIV Golf has only managed to generate around £2 million

In an attempt to boost this, the LIV Golf made a bold move by signing Jon Rahm to a contract worth up to $600 million and Tyrrell Hatton with a deal worth over $55 million. But, even with these big names, they haven’t been able to attract a large fan base. Despite the exciting finale of LIV Golf Vegas, which had over 279,000 viewers, the show didn’t capture a significant audience on the CW.

It now remains to be seen what strategy will LIV Golf use to attract more viewers towards them. Their event in Adelaide could bring in some views as it was achieved huge success in 2023.

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