“One of the greatest moments in golf history,” Paige Spiranac praises Jersey Jerry’s INCREDIBLE hole-in-one after 2,627 shots at golf simulator

Paige Spiranac was one of the big names to applaud Jersey Jerry for completing his incredible hole-in-one challenge and labeled it as one of the greatest moments of golf.

“One of the greatest moments in golf history,” Paige Spiranac praises Jersey Jerry’s INCREDIBLE hole-in-one after 2,627 shots at golf simulator

Paige Spiranac (L) and Jersey Jerry (R) [Image via Imago/Instagram]

Jersey Jerry‘s name is now raging through the golfing world owing to his amazing achievement. The Barstool Sports member recently took on a challenge to make a hole-in-one. After 37 long hours, he was finally able to achieve it leading to huge reactions from the golfing community. Social media influencer Paige Spiranac has now praised him for this.

Jerry like many others was confused about how many attempts it would take to make a hole-in-one at the 7th hole at Pebble Beach. Since he could not go there and try it directly, he ventured on this mission through a golf simulator. After some agonizing misses, he finally got the job done on his 2,627th attempt.

The amateur golfer would go on a 37-hour live stream where his body got tired and reached a point where he almost quit the challenge. Despite this, he was well supported by his colleagues, and after 2,626 missed attempts, he finally landed the hole-in-one leading to joyous reaction all around the golfing world.

Spiranac who recently herself made a hole-in-one knows all about how difficult this achievement is. She like many would take to her X account and congratulate him for completing the challenge. The 30-year-old social media star labeled it as one of the “greatest moments” in the sport’s history.

One of the greatest moments in golf history.
Paige Spiranac on Jersey Jerry’s hole-in-one on X.

Paige Spiranac claims to get shadow banned on TikTok

Paige Spiranac has made a huge name for herself through her social media interactions, especially her TikTok videos. It now seems her choice of outfits has once again landed her in trouble as she claims of getting shadow-banned from TikTok.

The term “shadow-banned” usually refers to a process where the viewership of one person gets decreased. With a rapid decrease in her viewership, Spiranac has now claimed that she has been shadow-banned from TikTok.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac (Pic Credit: Imago)

Recently popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne also faced some similar issues. Also known as “Livvy” Dunne alleged that she was shadow-banned by TikTok. However, she never really explained why she felt that she was shadow-banned from the social media app. Spiranac on the other hand though, feels like she knows the reason for her ban.

In a separate video, she took a dig at TikTok and claimed that the app “doesn’t approve of” this content but X will. In the video, she can be seen wearing a normal white dress, holding a driver, and flipping a ball while walking in front of the camera.

This is though not the first time where Spiranac has claimed to be shadow-banned from TikTok. In July 2023, she was left angry and alleged that she was shadow-banned and angrily explained how the ban was unjust to her. At the moment, it is still unclear whether she has been actually shadow-banned or is just another victim of the new algorithm the social media platform might be testing.

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