“OWGR won’t stop LIV Golf,” Phil Mickelson declares BOLD stand on ranking points, sending shockwaves through the fairway

Phil Mickelson takes a stand on the LIV Golf and OWGR points issue, questioning the established norms in professional golf.

“OWGR won’t stop LIV Golf,” Phil Mickelson declares BOLD stand on ranking points, sending shockwaves through the fairway

Phil Mickelson [Pic Credit Imago]

The Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) and its reluctance to provide ranking points to the fledgling LIV Golf League have been the center of an ongoing debate in the world of professional golf. When experienced and well-known golfer Phil Mickelson offered his viewpoint on the subject, the discussion took an intriguing turn.


This conversation took place on social networking site Twitter, now known as X, in response to Trevor Immelman, a fellow Masters winner. Mickelson’s observations have clarified the difficulties LIV Golf has in its pursuit of prominence.


Mickelson was blunt in his response on the subject. He referred to the OWGR as a “monopoly”. Moreover, he stated that the PGA Tour’s financial commitments with broadcast networks, rather than the league’s structure, were the driving force for their decision to deny ranking points to LIV Golf.

This statement reveals Mickelson’s belief that this issue may include entrenched interests. The PGA Tour’s ambition to meet requirements in their TV contracts may be having an impact on the OWGR’s position.


Bryson DeChambeau was one of several well-known golfers who voiced their displeasure with the OWGR’s decision. Mickelson reacted by refuting the claim that the OWGR’s decision was motivated by LIV Golf’s distinctive 54-hole, no-cut format.

He said the format was only a public justification to shield those involved. “A lot of people believe it too,” Mickelson said. “You can’t blame them however since individuals like you just lack complete knowledge, but OWGR won’t stop LIV Golf. I’m now sharing them with you because of this. Thank you very much.”

This conversation exemplifies the difficulties and conflicts that exist between established golf leagues like the OWGR and the PGA Tour and up-and-coming leagues like LIV Golf. Additionally, it emphasizes Mickelson’s dedication to openness and his confidence in LIV Golf’s long-term plan by portraying it as a game of chess with several moves yet to be revealed.

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Phil Mickelson’s viewpoint on OWGR points and LIV Golf

Mickelson has often stated his position on this matter. He made it plain that he doesn’t care whether LIV Golf ever obtains OWGR points. Mickelson responded to a commenter who advised him to quit griping by saying, “Stating facts isn’t whining, and I don’t care if LIV ever earns points. This chess move is the sixth in a lengthy game. Moves 32–37 are very unbelievable. When that happens, things really improve.”

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson ( Image via NY Post )

These remarks from Mickelson suggest that he regards LIV Golf’s strategy as a component of a long-term, strategic plan. The goal is to develop a well-thought-out approach that will take shape over time rather than merely receiving quick appreciation in the form of OWGR points.

The controversy surrounding OWGR points started with LIV’s emergence in 2023. Although fans and players are asking for clarity and solutions over rankings, no official decision has been made in favor of the Saudi league.

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