“Let’s discover the heck out of him”- Phil Mickelson to-provide EVIDENCE in the current LIV Golf vs PGA Tour Lawsuit

“Let’s discover the heck out of him”- Phil Mickelson to-provide EVIDENCE in the current LIV Golf vs PGA Tour Lawsuit

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Phil Mickelson and many other LIV golf players like Talor Gooch and Hudson Swafford are kept under scrutiny in the anti-trust lawsuit between LIV Golf and PGA Tour. Phil did withdraw from the lawsuit but US District Court judge Susan Van Keulen issued a subject to discovery against the players’ agents for holding non-privileged information and passing it on electronically.


Although, the Attorneys for Phil Mickelson, Swafford and Gooch quarreled in court that the Tour’s discovery requests would impact LIV Golf-related communications of other clients. Judge Susan van Keulen ruled a standard that “applies no matter whether the responding person is a party to the litigation or a third-party subject.”

Further, the search is “designed to limit the scope of the results to materials related to their agent’s representation of the players and no other potential principals.”

Both LIV Golf and PGA Tour are suing each other as the confusion about the allocation or non-allocation of ranking points continued to grow.


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Alan Shipnuck claimed that Phil Mickelson once offended Pat Perez’s wife

Phil Mickelson and Pat Perez
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“Well, it ain’t about money. While reporting my book on Mickelson, I kept hearing of his rift with Perez, a fellow San Diego native. They have a lot of history.”

Pat Perez was a Tiger Woods fan and with Tiger and Phil Mickelson competing at the highest level, Phil did mess up with his LIV Golf companion, as Shipnuck expressed, “But what inspired Perez to spout off on various podcasts lately was Mickelson doing something that deeply offended Perez and his wife, Ashley. I approached Pat a couple of times to see if he’d go on-record, but he declined.”

The incident was atrocious and was not published in Shipnuck’s book, “A handful of players and caddies told me they heard of the incident directly from Perez, but the details are so inflammatory I didn’t feel comfortable putting the story in the book without direct confirmation. This whole situation is still clearly festering with Perez so we’ll see if he chooses to make the details public. If so, that will certainly set off a firestorm.”


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