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WATCH: When John Daly got Tiger Woods high on booze and did better the next day

John Daly's talent vs. Tiger Woods' hard work and discipline, 'talent' might have a case after all.

Tiger Woods John Daly

Tiger Woods and John Daly are surely household names in golf. On the pro circuit, both the sportsmen have been on wonderful terms, often seen exchanging witty banter.


Daly yesterday shared with the fans about his well-being, as Hurricane Ian hit the area near him. He’s by far one of the wittiest people in the sport. Although, Tiger Woods doesn’t fall short in this category. He always has one or two epic replies up his sleeves most of the time. Anyway, the banter between the two definitely helps fans lighten their mood.

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Daly is’ Drunk and wasted’ but still beats Tiger Woods to the top

John Daly Tiger Woods

John Daly was recently sharing one of his encounters with Tiger Woods back in the day around the 2000s, the day before a game. John asked Tiger to have some drinks with him and his friends to which Tiger declined. Woods was a bit stressed regarding his performance the following day.

“Two hours later he comes back…. ‘Hey, you gonna have a drink with us now?’” Daly quotes. “He goes, ‘Nah I’m gonna go get my gym shorts on and go work out.” Later in the day Woods was again in front of Daly and to his surprise, John was even more wasted than before.

“Three hours later he comes back, I’m in to my third bottle of Crown, I’m wasted, we’re all just wasted but we’re having a good time.” On again being asked by Daly to join him, Tiger replied – “If I had your talent, I would have probably joined you”. Daly says – “He goes, ‘Nah I’m gonna go get my gym shorts on and go work out.”

Tiger and Daly were pitted against one another the next day where John Daly beat tiger Woods who was just astonished at the sheer talent of the man who being wasted a day before and probably still in a hangover beat him easily. Looks like – ‘Talent does beat hard work from time to time.’

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