“Nothing has really surprised me,” Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth comment on Jon Rahm’s rumored $300 million LIV Golf deal amid merger talk

Golf legend Tiger Woods, and pro star Jordan Spieth talked about what it would be like to lose the World No.3 Jon Rahm to the Saudi-backed series amid $300 million deal talk.

“Nothing has really surprised me,” Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth comment on Jon Rahm’s rumored $300 million LIV Golf deal amid merger talk

Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth [Image Credit: Imago]

Since LIV Golf’s inception back in 2022, many pro-PGA players have joined the league after being attracted to its lucrative play option and million-dollar signing. Recent rumors suggest Jon Rahm may just be the next name to land a spot beside Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and others.


Speculations about his move have been going around for a week. Although there’s no official statement from Rahm’s side, many of his actions have indicated a possible shift. Being one of the key players of the PGA, his change to LIV Golf will deliver a huge blow to the league.

Amid muddied rumors swirling around, golf GOAT Tiger Woods and pro golfer Jordan Spieth have commented on the impact Jon Rahm’s absence will leave. While speaking amid the ongoing Hero World Challenge, the players have stated that it’s finally Rahm’s decision to choose sides, all they can do is wait and see where it takes.

Woods said, “Nothing has really surprised me” but hypothetically speaking it would be a surprise to see Rahm playing on the Saudi field. He blatantly stated that “things have changed and will continue to change” while talking about the shocking PGA-LIV merger earlier this year.


Jordan Spieth on Jon Rahm’s possible shift from PGA Tour to LIV Golf

When asked about the ongoing merger deal and how it would affect the game of golf itself, Jordan Spieth addressed the current rumors of another fellow mate switching sides to LIV. He labeled Jon Rahm as one of the “biggest assets” of the PGA Tour and said it would definitely upset him. Unfortunately in the end it’ll be the Spaniard’s decision.

Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth [Image Credit: Golf Week
Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth [Image Credit: Golf Week]

Spieth didn’t want to address the rumors directly saying that it may hurt Jon Rahm as the news is not confirmed yet. “I really don’t know, so I don’t want to insult him,” he stated. He said that Rahm’s decision is ultimately something “out of my control” but he wishes Rahm would stay on the PGA Tour.

“I believe that we’re playing against the best players in the world…catch PGA Tour wins, catch the legends of the game. It’s a history thing and the money’s a bonus.”
Jordan Spieth on Jon Rahm’s possible departure as per Golf Monthly.

According to reports, he was given a lucrative offer of $600 million with $300 million as a signing bonus and team equity included. Upon his joining, he’ll also be appointed as one of the leaders of the LIV Golf team at least till 2029. Of course, signing up will have negative effects on his OWGR and a potential spot to play in crucial PGA tournaments.

Since LIV’s inception, Rahm has demonstrated a strong dislike to switch tours saying, “No matter what happens, thanks to the PGA Tour, they gave me an opportunity to play golf…I can only be thankful.” Despite his earlier stance, things in the future can take a drastic turn given the following events unfolding.


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