“Women are avoiding him like the plague,” Tiger Woods reportedly labeled as ‘bad apple’ after messy split with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman 

Tiger Woods reportedly has “lost his mojo” after an ugly split with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman that drew in court case chaos.

“Women are avoiding him like the plague,” Tiger Woods reportedly labeled as ‘bad apple’ after messy split with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman 

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman [Image Credit: Newsweek]

Golf GOAT Tiger Woods’ love life seems to have been thwarted following breakup mess with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman. According to several reports and an insider who spoke to The National Enquirer stated that Woods has been labeled as “a bad apple not worth the hassle” by many women. 

After Woods and Herman’s breakup in the fall of 2022, the golf legend has been busy recuperating and managing his health amidst tournament games and misses. But apparently, that’s not all Woods has been going through.


Tiger Woods is no stranger to women. He has dated quite a lot of women, including his marriage and divorce to Elin Nordegren. He’s also been in a relationship with ski queen Lindsey Vonn, but his breakup with Herman won the ugly breakup prize.

Since their split, Herman filed a $30 million lawsuit against the golfer, claiming that he sneakily kicked her out of the house and even sexually harassed her. Although she withdrew her lawsuit of harassment, the buzz around their breakup is yet to die down.

The source further said that many women were not happy with how Woods decided to end things with Herman, “A lot of women feel he did a rotten thing to Erica.” Seems like his wealth and fame are not enough to attract women now. According to the insider, he’s been single for quite a while “not by choice.”

He’s lost his mojo and doesn’t know how to get it back. Tiger has this reputation as a total cheater, which he’ll never be able to shake…women are avoiding him like the plague.
As per an insider source who spoke to The National Enquirer.

Can Tiger Woods recover from his “cheater” status or will it be “a really hard stretch”?

Looking back at his list of girlfriends, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn’s breakup was more of a peaceful one compared to Erica Herman’s court scandal. Furthermore, they often checked on each other and Vonn even stated that they were friends even after the breakup.

Tiger Woods [Image Credit: Today]
Tiger Woods [Image Credit: Today]

But will Woods be able to shake off his “cheater” status? According to the insider who spoke with The National Enquirer, “he’ll never be able to shake” his cheater identity. Furthermore, the source stated that he’s been “urging pals” to arrange a date for him “but he’s not an easy sell…It’s been a really hard stretch.”

Whether Tiger Woods is currently looking to form a romantic connection with someone or not is not yet confirmed. However, he’s definitely looking forward to leveling up his professional career, after falling down to 1,328 in the OWGR ranking and climbing back up to 430 places following his Hero World Challenge performance.


The golf legend started last week’s tournament with his career-lowest ranking, but he carved the way for himself to reach the top again. Fans can’t wait to see more of Tiger Woods whether that be his professional records or personal life mess.

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