Josh Allen gasps for breath as Bryson DeChambeau’s – ‘oh my eye’ rope encounter has him laughing his pants off

The phones were almost overloaded with this DeChambeau piece until Josh Allen made his way into a remix.

Josh Allen Bryson DeChambeau
Josh Allen Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau‘s ‘oh my eye’ moment caught the internet by fire at the LIV Golf tour this year. It was reported that fans dunked on Bryson’s horrific moment with memes and trolls flooding Twitter and other social media platforms.

It has been two weeks but the trolls still continue. This time it’s Josh Allen who claims that he is one of those fans who cannot stop watching Bryson’s trolls of the moment.

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Publicity stunt or Happenstance as Josh Allen is still laughing hard

Josh Allen Bryson DeChambeau
Josh Allen Bryson DeChambeau

While some on-ground unfortunate happenings seem to be publicity stunts these days, the rope hitting Bryson – right in the face, was a horrific mishap. Bryson was captured on cam freaking out at the LIV when a rope hit his face causing a bruise, which he initially thought had hurt his eye badly.

Josh Allen said that he hasn’t missed a single video online, of the happenstance and that he himself became part of the mix. Allen found a rope to go under just after the Bills became victorious on Sunday at Baltimore.

Allen might have had some sympathy for Bryson, but he certainly loves some limelight whether it’s for his huge game or for his humorous take on this one. Dechambeau also finished runnerup in the PLDA Championship as he shocked everyone with his hug hits down the ground.

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