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“I don’t believe Tiger Woods has experienced more joy playing golf”: Skip Bayless believes Woods is the real winner at the Masters

Tiger Woods' comeback at the 2022 Masters was a brave one that was applauded by many.

Tiger Woods

The 2022 Masters was quite the exciting major event, as a much anticipated comeback from Tiger Woods set the stage for a fantastic four days of play.

After being out for over a year due to a horrific crash that led to leg injuries, Woods was finally back on the course, ready to compete. It would be hard however, to compete- let alone keep up- with the front runners. The end of day one saw the legend battling for 19th place. It was evident in the coming days however, that his injuries had taken a toll on him.

Woods finished the game in 47th place- the worst of his professional career. Yet, one cannot fail to acknowledge the brave performance by the veteran regardless of his health issues.

Tiger Woods’ brave attempt at the Masters earns respect of many

Tiger Woods

 American sports columnist Skip Bayless held on to the fact that Woods experienced more than enough joy just playing golf once again at the Masters. He said that Woods loved being cheered on by the people who loved him and missed him even more than before. Bayless believes that even though he was limping through the tournament, he was doing what he loves the most.

At the end of the day however, it was Scottie Scheffler who took the prestigious green jacket and his first ever Major victory ahead of Rory McIlroy. Woods finished in 47th place after a brave effort.

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