Simone Biles leads United States to seventh CONSECUTIVE women’s team gold medal at the World Gymnastics Championships

Simone Biles accomplished an extraordinary feat, securing a landmark victory for the US women's team and cementing her status as the greatest gymnast ever.

Simone Biles leads United States to seventh CONSECUTIVE women’s team gold medal at the World Gymnastics Championships

Simone Biles [Image Credit- Wall Street Journal]

Taking a two-year break didn’t hinder Simone Biles from earning her 20th world title. On Wednesday in Antwerp, she played a crucial role in securing the United States’ seventh consecutive gold in the women’s team event at the world gymnastics championships. Since 2011, the USA has continued to achieve great success, primarily because they did not have to compete against Russia, the team that had previously defeated them in a significant competition.


Biles marveled, exclaiming, “It’s incredible, but we prevailed, nonetheless. The team has truly made me proud.” For the seventh time without interruption, the United States has come out as the winner. It brings Biles great joy to share in the experience of some girls who will be participating in their inaugural World Championship.

With a score of 167.729 points, the Americans outdid themselves in the competition, claiming the first position, while Brazil’s 165.530 points earned them a commendable second place. As the hosts of the Olympics, France secured third place with 164.064 points. The individual who holds the responsibility is also a source of inspiration and provides great support. Shilese Jones stated that Team USA effectively collaborated and completed their tasks for the night.

Biles has achieved a remarkable feat by securing victory in the team competition, which has contributed to her remarkable collection of 26 world medals and the astounding record of 20 world titles. Antwerp offers her the opportunity to win an additional five prizes, thus elevating the number of podiums she has achieved. The Texan athlete has displayed remarkable success in their sport, making an impressive comeback since the Tokyo Olympics two years ago.


Biles arrived in Japan with high expectations from everyone due to her previous victory of four gold medals in Rio de Janeiro five years prior. However, due to her heightened emotions, she made the decision to withdraw from participating in four of the five finals. People from all around the globe witnessed this spectacle. She mentioned experiencing difficulties with the “twisties” phenomenon, wherein gymnasts struggle to orient themselves mid-air and risk injury upon landing.

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Simone Biles has gracefully matured over the years.

It seems that Simone Biles is experiencing a resurgence in her professional journey in Antwerp. Biles emerged victorious with her inaugural world gold a decade ago in the very city where she took part in her opening world championships. Her collection of four medals consisted of two gold ones. She is still in shock; she is 26 and a little older, so it feels equally as fantastic as the first one only because US team shattered records, they banded together, and they fought.

Simone Biles in a file photo[Credit-NBC]
Simone Biles in a file photo [Credit-NBC]

It’s unusual, but it’s exciting. Now that Simone Biles is 26, everything feels different from when she was 16 years old. The gymnast, who stands 1.42 meters tall, didn’t even have to perform her amazing Yurchenko double pike, which now carries her name. To kick off the American campaign, she chose on a Cheng, which she delivered flawlessly.


Her total performance was strong, just like it was on Sunday during the qualifying, highlighted by a 15.166 on the floor, despite a small imbalance on the beam. The Brazilians attempted a comeback, but Biles, Shilese Jones, Leanne Wong, and Skye Blakely held them off.

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