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WATCH – Oklahoma gymnast Katherine Levasseur performs an incredible vault as video goes viral

The video of Katherine Levasseur’s perfect 10 is quickly going viral and she has thus far received many heartfelt messages on social media.

Oklahoma gymnast Katherine Levasseur

The United States of America has a tremendous history of producing some of the most incredible gymnasts across the globe. This practice begins at a very young age as the country witnesses fine-tuned gymnasts in their college ranks and Oklahoma is amongst them right at the top.

Meanwhile, one such gymnast from this South Central region of the United States, Katherine Levasseur grabbed everyone’s eyeballs. The youngster seemed to have all the right ingredients to introduce herself to the country as their next big star.

During a recent competition between Oklahoma and Alabama, Levasseur attempted a vault. With a flawless hop and some mind-blowing spins in the air, she executed her move with a perfect 10. With this, the gymnast appeared to be over the moon after hitting a bulls-eye on the scoreboard. She appeared to be jumping up and down in the air in joy before hugging her coach.

Since then, the video of Katherine Levasseur’s perfect 10 has been doing rounds across various social media platforms. Here’s the full video of her special act:

Twitter reactions on Katherine’s vault

Soon after the Oklahoma native gymnast’s video went viral on the internet, her social media handles have been filled with love and congratulatory messages from various parts of the world. Here are some of the top tweets:

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