“He gave up. I mean, his will was broken,” Khabib speaks out on the factor that affected Gaethje’s performance in their fight

Khabib believes Gaethje gave up mentally in their fight at UFC 254.

Khabib believes Gaethje gave up mentally - FirstSportz
Khabib Nurmagomedov on Justin Gaethje

Khabib Nurmagomedov faced Justin Gaethje for the lightweight title in October last year in Abu Dhabi, it was the last fight Khabib had before his retirement.

Their fight happened at UFC 254, Gaethje got his title shot after defeating Tony Ferguson and winning the interim title and he was on a four-fight winning streak. He looked very dangerous moving in this fight, but Khabib made it look easy.

And now Khabib had made an interesting comment regarding their fight, he said Gaethje “gave up” mentally in their fight. He said, “You may not see this, but I felt it: He gave up. I mean, his will was broken. He gave up mentally. I don’t think that I won this fight physically, but rather mentally.”

Only those who are fighting inside the octagon truly knows what happens in there, and no matter what circumstances we can take away the credit for them, and to think Gaethje won’t come back from this loss is absolutely wrong.

Khabib had a broken toe and mumps before the fight

Khabib shared his mumps - FirstSportz
Khabib Nurmagomedov shared his mumps

After his fight with Gaethje, Khabib disclosed that he had a broken thumb before the fight and now he shared a picture which shows the swelling he had from the mumps he had before the fight.

To think after all this he fought so effortlessly and beat the number one contender is just amazing and even he is not planning to come back, fans will keep their hopes high until the very last moment.

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