“He would’ve liked me to…” Antonio Brown reveals shocking details about his relationship with Tom Brady

Antonio Brown has always found himself in the spotlight, never more than how his relationship with the Buccaneers ended. He recently discussed that 'situation' and how Tom Brady felt about it.

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady
Antonio Brown and Tom Brady

Antonio Brown has had one of the most tumultuous NFL careers we’ve ever seen. Whether or not his career in the NFL is done is yet to be seen as Brown is currently recovering from an ankle injury. In his time away from the Buccaneers he’s opened up about the series of events that led to his outburst and leaving the field midway through a game.

For those that don’t remember, Antonio Brown left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 17 matchup halfway through the game in the most Antonio Brown way possible. After a heated exchange with head coach Bruce Arians, Brown was seen taking his jersey and pads off and then dancing his way off the field.

The first reaction to the situation was that Brown had finally lost his mind and his NFL career was officially over. But as time passed Brown discussed the situation and revealed an unknown injury to the public.

The injury was supposedly the reason why he couldn’t play anymore and Arians told him to get off the field, so AB did. The way he did so may have resulted in him being cut and in a recent podcast, Brown revealed what the effect it had on his star quarterback Tom Brady.

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Antonio Brown shares Tom Brady’s feelings on his ‘incident’

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

By the end of the season, the Buccaneers were really missing Antonio Brown due to their banged-up receiving group and Tom Brady felt the brunt of this as Brown revealed on the ‘Impaulsive’ podcast saying “We’re cool. I mean he didn’t like how it ended off the field but he doesn’t have control of the coach telling me to get the hell out of there.”

Brown further added, “Obviously he would’ve liked me to keep playing and do what we desired to do, and obviously I would’ve liked to too but it’s just unfortunate with the emotions and how the whole year panned out but he understands.”

Had Antonio Brown stuck around with the organization then it’s possible that the Bucs may have been able to knock off the LA Rams instead of putting up only 3 first-half points. However, Brown’s supposed injury would’ve become a problem as his snap count would’ve only increased given the lack of offensive weapons the Bucs had going into the game.

In terms of seeing Antonio Brown suit up for another NFL franchise, well he remains adamant that it’s still a reality for him and a goal he is pursuing. Whether or not teams will want to chase the former all-pro given his baggage is a different story though.

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