Head coach Eric Nicksick issues a statement after longtime Xtreme Couture coach is found dead aged 49

Head coach Eric Nicksick issues a statement after longtime Xtreme Couture coach is found dead aged 49

Tim Lane- Eric Nicksick

The MMA world all-around mourns the death of former kickboxing champion and longtime coach at Xtreme Couture, Tim Lane. Head coach Eric Nicksick issued a statement on Instagram via video reacting to the situation overall on behalf of the entire gym. A former world kickboxing champion with coaching experience of over 2 decades. Lane is the owner of Tim Lane Fitness and Muay Thai coach at Xtreme Couture. His most well known trained athlete is a former kickboxer and professional boxer Chris Algeri.

Tim Lane manhunt
Tim Lane manhunt inquiry

Lane was found dead in Mount Charleston Area, he was found preceding a manhunt for him since the time he was found missing. So far, it’s been that suicide may have been the cause of his death. According to MMA Fighting, Las Vegas police officials issued a missing report on Wednesday and added that Lane “might possibly be in severe emotional distress and in need of medical assistance.” This is the second death by suicide by an Xtreme Couture’s coach following the death of Robert Follis in 2017.

Eric Nicksick thanks the people who joined hands during Tim Lane’s manhunt

Tim Lane Xtreme Couture
Tim Lane Xtreme Couture

Nicksick, who’s the head coach at Xtreme Couture and known mostly for him cornering the likes of Francis Ngannou and Sean Strickland, uploaded an Instagram video along with the caption: “I appreciate everyone reaching out, but it’s very overwhelming at the moment. I figured this was the best and easiest way to inform people of the situation with Tim Lane. We will all be meeting tonight at Xtreme Couture around 5 pm as a support group w/ @mergingvetsandplayers. I apologize if I didn’t or don’t get back to your text messages at the moment. Rest easy, my brother.”

In the video, Nicksick said “I think the best thing that I can say in this situation is that I’m just glad that all of us were up here looking for him. I just that would’ve been important for him to know, that his Xtreme Couture and MVP family were looking for him and loved him… This is another friend and a coach who’s taken his life, and this sh*t gets heavy, man. This sh*t is too soon and I don’t understand a lot of this stuff, and the reasons why, but please make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them and check in on people, he concluded. [h/t MMA Fighting]

This is a sad event for the entire MMA community, our condolences extend to the entire Xtreme Couture family. What do you make of this unfortunate situation though? Do you think the pressure coaches take through their life to help the athletes grow is immeasurable and often overlooked in society? What do you think the problem is?

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