Hollywood star Terry Crews sends BIZARRE call out to MMA legend Anderson Silva

Terry Crews calls out MMA legend Anderson Silva for fight.

Hollywood star Terry Crews sends BIZARRE call out to MMA legend Anderson Silva

Terry Crews calls out Anderson Silva (Image via: Instagram)

Terry Crews is a man of many talents. After a short career in the NFL, Crews easily transitioned to acting where and has also done a good job as a television host. However, nobody expected Crews to call out the arguable GOAT of MMA, AndersonThe SpiderSilva.

During his prime, Silva wreaked havoc in the UFC’s middleweight division. After he left the UFC, Silva had an okay boxing stint but lost to Jake Paul in his latest matchup. Nonetheless, Terry Crews’ recent callout of Silva has the MMA community buzzed.

Anderson Silva, I’ve been training, I’m ready. I will see you at fight night, on June 15th, in Brazil. Let’s Go. Anderson Silva, me and you. Let’s make it happen. 
Terry Crews via Instagram

Even though Crews has maintained a ripped physique throughout his career, he has not competed in combat sports. Hollywood stars like Tom Hardy and the late Paul Walker ardently practiced Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu. That is not the case with Crews.

In many eyes, Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA fighter ever. After all, the Brazilian still holds the record as the longest-reigning UFC champion. Silva has announced his official retirement from combat sports on June 15. As such, Terry Crews’ callout might be the opponent.

Anderson Silva responds to Terry Crews’ callout

Not many fighters in the UFC have entertained fight fans like Anderson Silva. However, he fought in the UFC past his prime and left on a three-fight losing streak. In his last nine fights in the UFC, he only won once, and it was a controversial decision that many thought his opponent, Derek Brunson, won. Nonetheless, Silva is still a big name in combat sports.

Anderson Silva responds to Terry Crews
Anderson Silva responds to Terry Crews (Image via: Instagram)

After his UFC career, he boxed Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and won. Moreover, Paramount+ even released a biopic miniseries of Silva. The Spider has already revealed he would say farewell to combat sports in a fight in Brazil. It seems Hollywood star Terry Crews is the opponent as Silva has responded to the bizarre callout from the NFL player-turned-actor.

See you June 15
Anderson Silva via Instagram

Silva’s Instagram post shows his combat sports farewell will be a boxing match. Muhammad Ali is one of the idols of Silva, and thus, it is a fitting tribute for the Spider to leave combat sports inside the squared circle, in his hometown of Sao Paulo. If Terry Crews is indeed his opponent, it remains to be seen whether Silva will go easy on the actor.

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