How to get Agent Hop and Cyber Agent Hop in Free Fire Agent Hop Top up?

The Agent Hop Top up is now live and you can get free pets and cosmetics here simply for topping up diamonds!

Agent Hop Top Up
Agent Hop Top up

Free Fire has a variety of items in the game that can be obtained by the players and one of the most important is the pet. Here is how to get the Agent Hop and Cyber Agent Hop in Free Fire, which is the new pet and some new cosmetics for it!

Pets in Free Fire help the players on the battlefields by giving them small buffs which help them. These pets are released regularly and the latest one to arrive in the game is Agent Hop. This new pet can be obtained with diamonds from the in-game store but a new top-up event in the game features both the pet and all its cosmetics for free!

Here is all about the Agent Hop Top up in Free Fire.

Agent Hop Top up in Free Fire

Agent Hop Top up
Agent Hop Top Up

Top up events in Free Fire offer the players with free items when topping up an amount of diamonds in the game. This new top up event will stay in the game from 28th November till 2nd December, 2021.

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Agent Hop
Agent Hop: Carnival

This new event features the Agent Hop pet and also all of his cosmetics including emotes and pet skins. Here is the complete prize pool and how to get it in the game:

Agent Hop
Cyber Agent Hop
  • Top up 100 diamonds: Agent Hop
  • Top up 300 diamonds: Carnival Agent Hop
  • Top up 500 diamonds: Cyber Agent Hop + Show Off Emote

Players simply need to top up the appropriate amount of diamonds in order to unlock the prizes and redeem them for free.

How to get the prizes?


Step 1: Open the Garena Free Fire app.

Step 2: Top-up diamonds from the in-game top-up centre and any payment method you want.

Step 3: Open the Calendar section of the game and then click on “Events”.

Step 4: Click on the “Agent Hop Top up” and redeem the prizes from this section.

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