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Garena Free Fire Character DJ Alok is based off on a real person, Alok, the Brazilian music artist and you can get him for free.


DJ Alok was introduced in Free Fire a while ago, and it became popular in a small amount of time due to it’s unique abilities. Players around the globe want to get hold of this Character, as it is considered to be OP when it comes to certain situations in-game

DJ Alok in Free Fire: Who is DJ Alok?

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DJ Alok is based off on a real person, Alok, the Brazilian music artist. Since Alok is from a musical background, the unique ability of the character in game is called ‘Drop the Beat‘.

When the player uses ‘Drop the Beat‘, the ability creates a 5m Aura which boosts the movement speed by 10% and also re-generates 5 HP for 5 seconds.

This character has 8 levels, and as the player advances through each level, he sees more impact and improvement in the character’s abilites.

How to get hold of DJ Alok in Free Fire for free?

The DJ Alok in Free Fire is available in the marketplace for 599 Diamonds. One can earn Diamonds from various methods, which are totally free of cost.

One of the best methods out there to gain free Diamonds is to make use of Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards is available in Play Store where the user can answer surveys and be rewarded in various forms.

Once you have enough Diamonds, just head to the marketplace and get your favorite character DJ Alok for totally free !

It is recommended that you answer all the surveys honestly and pay attention to what options you are choosing.

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