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How to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft?

The Fire Charge in Minecraft is a fire generating tool that can be used in making fireworks and also be used as a fireball through dispensers!

How to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft? (image via. Tynkar)

The world of Minecraft is vast and so is its selection of items found in the game and also that can be crafted. Here is how to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft and its uses.

Items in Minecraft are varied and can be made using every item found in the world. These items are found from breaking blocks and even from mobs and monsters. These items can be used to make other items that can be made into other higher tier items that may come useful to the players.

Here is how to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft.

Fire Charge in Minecraft

Fire Charge in Minecraft (image via. minecraft.net)

The Fire Charge is used as sort of a grenade and can light areas on fire when used from hand. They can also be used in making Firework Stars which are the colors for the fireworks.

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They can sometimes be found naturally spawning in Ruined Portal chests in the Nether realm. Piglins in the Nether can also give fire charges when players trade with them using a gold ingot.

Fire Charges are used as a substitute for the Flint and Steel and used to light fires. Similarly, it can be used to light up TNT and light Nether Portals. One Fire Charge is used when lighting any kind of fire.

Players can also use a Dispenser in Minecraft to make its shoot out Fireballs using the Fire Charges, making it a valuable trap.

Some of the items that the players can make using Fire Charge in Minecraft are:

  • Firework Star
  • Dyed Firework Star

How to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft?

YouTube: RajCraft

Players need these items to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft from scratch:

  • Blaze Powder x1
  • Charcoal/Coal x1
  • Gunpowder x1

Blaze Powder can be obtained from processing Blaze Rods found from Blazes in the Nether Fortresses. Charcoal and Coal can be found underground in the Overworld and Gunpowder can be found as a drop from Creepers.

Recipe 9image via. Minecraft)

Combine all the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Fire Charge in Minecraft.

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