How to make Paper in Minecraft: Materials required, Uses and more!

Paper in Minecraft is an useful item that is used to create a variety of useful items like Cartography tables and more. Follow the steps below to make one yourself!

Paper in Minecraft
How to make Paper in Minecraft?

Players can craft a huge number of items in the world of Minecraft. This includes many big things like buildings and structures and also Paper in Minecraft. Down below we take a look at how to make it to use it for greater things.

Paper is a essential commodity that is used to make many complex things in the game. Paper as a resource, is scarcely found naturally spawning, and thus players need to make it for the most part.

This article will guide you step by step to make Paper in Minecraft from scratch!

Paper in Minecraft

Paper in Minecraft
Paper in Minecraft

The paper is a item that the players can craft from using Sugarcanes and is used in a variety of important items such as books, enchanting tables and more.

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Paper can be found naturally spawning in Chests in Shipwrecks, Strongholds and Villages. Apart from that papers are not naturally generated.

Uses of Paper

Paper in Minecraft

Paper is a base material derived from Sugarcane, but is used in many items in the game. These are:

  • Banners
  • Books
  • Cartography Table
  • Maps
  • Fireworks

How to make Paper in Minecraft?

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Players need two main items before making Paper in Minecraft. These are the Crafting Table and Sugarcanes.

Crafting Tables can be made quite easily by following the Guide here.

Paper in Minecraft

Sugarcanes are naturally spawning plants which are found mostly on banks of rivers, ponds or similar waterbodies. Players can break them with hand to obtain Sugarcane.

Paper in Minecraft
Paper Recipe in Minecraft

After this players can put the Sugarcanes in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make Paper!

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