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Pre-Register PUBG Mobile New State Without VPN

The pre-registration for the PUBG Mobile New State has already begun on the Google Play Store. However, the pre-registration window is still not accessible for countries like India, China, and Vietnam. The reason for the same is not public yet. The game is not visible on the Google Play Store in these countries. But, there is a trick to do so. You can pre-register PUBG Mobile New State without using a VPN. Scroll down to learn how.

Pre-Register PUBG Mobile New State Without VPN: All You Need to Know

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PUBG Mobile New State

There is always a way to bypass things. The pre-registration of PUBG Mobile New State is not available in India. If you are interested to register for the same, here’s the solution.

The Virtual Private Network helps you create a virtual network (hidden IPs) and you can surf dozen of servers across the world. For e.g. if the game is available in Singapore, you can use a server in Singapore.

But, you need not use any of the VPNs. Instead, change the country name in the Google Play Store and you’re done. Here’s how you can pre-register without any VPN.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and open settings.
  • Navigate to the account settings.
  • Open the country settings and change the country.
  • Choose any country other than India, China, and Vietnam.
  • Done! You can pre-register for the game in the store.

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