“I f*cking battered ya,” says Darren Till to Mike Perry as the two trash each other on Instagram

Darren Till and Mike "Platinum" Perry go live on Instagram trash-talking each other.

Mike Perry and Darren Till

Darren Till and Mike Perry have had this “frenemy” relationship going on between the two for quite some time now. The two fighters were at it again with the verbal jabs. Only this time it led to great entertainment for the fans.

Both the UFC fighters have publicly butted heads on several occasions. They always leave the fans and viewers wondering if they are friends or not. This time fortunately both appeared to be in good spirits during their Instagram live chat.

When Darren and Mike touched on the topic of their sparring session in 2018, one thing led to another and the trash talks began. “I f*cking battered ya,” Till said. “You’re too small, I told you. You’re tiny. How can you beat me?”

“How were you bleeding then?” Perry said. “Stop yourself,” Till answered. “Stop your behavior, mate.” Till has previously spoken about his sparring session with Mike Perry which they spoke about but did not touch on who got the better of whom. Both the fighters later went on to have a meaningful conversation about their fighting careers.

Darren Till says he’d fight his “step-brother” Mike Perry

Darren Till Instagram

While talking about their careers, Darren talked about how he wouldn’t mind fighting Mike Perry but he’d want to see the “Platinum” string a few wins.  Perry is currently mired in a 3-6 stretch back in December 2017.

Perry spoke about his training schedule and the sacrifices fighters have to make. “Sacrifices have to be made,” Till said. “I’m not with my family right now either. I know, I don’t know how you fighters do that sh*t, If I’m fighting for something, I’m fighting every day to be with my family.”

Darren Till wants to see Mike win more matches in the division, “But I want to see you get three wins in the welterweight division now,” Till said. “That’s what I want to see.” Till is now scheduled to fight Marvin Vettori in the middleweight division.

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