‘I’ll beat whoever in MMA that they say I won’t beat’ – Ryan Garcia plans to retire from boxing at 26 and then make a switch to MMA

Ryan Garcia is still unbeaten in his professional boxing career with 21 wins.

Ryan Garcia (Featured Image Credit : DAZN)

Ryan Garcia has made an interesting statement that he would like to retire from boxing at the age of 26 and make a switch to MMA. Ryan Garcia is one of the best lightweights in the world. ‘King Ryan’ (21-0) is still unbeaten in his professional boxing career, with 18 out of his 21 wins, coming via knockout. He last faced Luke Campbell and he was knocked down for the first time in his career, but he then made an astounding comeback, knocking out Campbell with a body shot.

More recently, speaking over the phone in an interview with Rich Eisen, Ryan Garcia, revealed his future plans. He said that real fighting lies in ‘using the legs, choking, submission’. He also disclosed that ‘money is never the motive’.

That’s the only time I’m coming back and I will always give the glory to God after I win‘ – Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia was quoted as saying “Yeah, I plan to. If I say it, I plan to do it. I plan at 26 to retire, I don’t know, officially. You’ve seen in the past, fighters have retired and come back. This is what I will say: I still plan to retire at 26, yet, yet if I am to return back to the ring, I will only battle people that people will say at that time “There’s no way Ryan will beat them.” That’s the only time I’m coming back and I will always give the glory to God after I win. That’s what I plan to do. All I box for is to give the glory to God, so once I win I say thank you Lord, Jesus Christ is coming, there it is. That’s my plan.” [via MMA Fighting]

Referring to UFC Superstar Conor McGregor, Garcia said, “To answer your question, 26, I still plan to retire. But if I do return back in the ring, I will promise everybody that I will fight people that they say I won’t beat. You know what I’m willing to do? I really haven’t said this out loud but what I plan to do is, say at 26 I’m done retired and boxing is all good. You know what I’ll do? If they say, “Okay, you’ve beaten everybody in the ring, right?” But somebody goes, “This ain’t real fighting. Real fighting is legs, choking, submission, all that.” Guess what I’ll do? I’ll go prove to them that I’m the best fighter all around in the world. I’m talking about hands, I’m talking about wrestling. I will go to MMA to prove a point that God is greatest and I’ll beat whoever in MMA that they say I won’t beat. If it has to be Conor McGregor, I will. And I’m not saying this to get money. I don’t care about money. I’m saying this because that’s just how I feel.” [via MMA Fighting]

How well do you think Ryan Garcia will fare in MMA?

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