“I’m 16 shots in…” Popstar Jason Derulo once HILARIOUS competed with Kobe Bryant at a bar in China

Pop sensation Jason Derulo hilariously competed with Kobe Bryant in a drinking contest.

“I’m 16 shots in…” Popstar Jason Derulo once HILARIOUS competed with Kobe Bryant at a bar in China

Kobe Bryant and Jason Derulo (Basketball Network)

Pop sensation Jason Derulo spoke with Rich Eisen in-depth about his most recent project, the fascinating book “Sing Your Name Out Loud,” under the bright lights of the studio. However, amid his revelations, there was an unexpected and hilarious account of an evening when he tried to outdrink the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant in a Chinese club.

Derulo grinned mischievously as he related what would turn out to be one of the funniest and most unforgettable nights of his life. He gave a detailed account of the friendship that developed between the two Virgos, him and Kobe Bryant, who both had a strong love of competitiveness.


While sipping on their drinks in the Chinese club Derulo made the decision that now was his moment to shine, acting like a true rock star. He was determined to prove himself, saying,

I am the rockstar here

He tried to match Bryant shot for shot. Later he stated:

After like I'm 16 shots in, the rest of the night became a blur.

Bryant and Derulo’s drinking rivalry intensified, and Derulo refused to back down from the challenge.


During the conversation, Bryant even joked about putting Shaq to shame in a humorous attempt to outdo the basketball legend, which is quite an accomplishment considering Shaq’s legendary size.

Derulo and Kobe Bryant’s unforgettable night of glass-tapping revelry

Derulo shared the occasion that signaled the start of their special rivalry as they were seated across from one another and joking around. Bryant would tap Derulo’s glass firmly after each sip, causing ripples in the drink. An implicit challenge permeated the air, setting the stage for an explosive confrontation.

Jason Derulo and Kobe Bryant
Jason Derulo and Kobe Bryant (Image Credits – Fadeaway World)

But after downing an amazing sixteen shots, Derulo acknowledged that the rest of the evening blurred as the night went on and the wine flowed freely. The once-clear rivalry became a humorous adventure with both superstars having a narrative to tell when the details got murky.


The experience was unexpected and enjoyable. In a narrative that highlights the lighter side of fame and competition, Derulo’s open account of the evening injects humor into the larger-than-life egos of both performers.

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