Inter Miami proposes to add a Miami Dolphins-themed aqua blue jersey to pay homage to the iconic NFL franchise

The aqua shirt adds a fresh touch to the football club's aesthetic appeal.

Inter Miami proposes to add a Miami Dolphins-themed aqua blue jersey to pay homage to the iconic NFL franchise

The new Inter Miami jerseys resemble the Dolphins jerseys (image via CNN)

For years, the debate between football and soccer has continued to rage on. While both the games are significantly different from one another, the city of Miami intends to add an element of similarity between both games. Inter Miami will soon enough rock jerseys similar to that of the Miami Dolphins.

The football club led by Lionel Messi is set to undergo an aesthetic revamp and the highlight is the proposed aqua-colored uniforms that take inspiration from the Miami Dolphins‘ home jerseys. The new third kit which is expected to be revealed to the public soon will give both the Miami-based teams a similar look, one that will be a staple to the city.

The city of Miami is known for its warm weather and clear-blue beaches. It comes as no surprise that the sports team’s based out of the city opt to design jerseys with aqua blue as the dominant shade.

The new Inter Miami jerseys will go on sale in July

Bleacher Report expects the new jerseys to be shipped to distributors towards the end of June and fans will be able to get their hands on the new jerseys in July. That is when the Leagues Cup will begin, and will also be in time for the Dolphins training camp.

Tua Tagovailoa
Tua Tagovailoa (via Sports Illustrated)

Currently, Inter Miami wears pink and black shirts. There will be another jersey added to this collection that will feature an aqua shade with orange overlays on it. Since the arrival of Lionel Messi, the football club has not had any issues in terms of marketability. The new jerseys will just boost the marketing push.

His arrival in Inter Miami led to the team’s website virtually crashing. The number 10 jersey was sold out within 45 minutes of the team revealing his iconic jersey. Inter Miami further went on to break its merchandise sales record last season after it set an all-time unit and revenue record last season. This was despite the fact that the team remained in the bottom half of the table for most of the season.

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