Jan Blachowicz broke Luke Rockhold’s jaw, fights Dominick Reyes for UFC Lightheavyweight title

Blachowicz dominating fighters at the division, got him a title shot at the vacant Light Heavyweight championship against Reyes at UFC 253


Jan Blachowicz fights Dominick Reyes for the vacant UFC Lightheavyweight title at UFC 253. Currently on a three fight win streak, The Polish began his streak by welcoming Luke Rockhold in 205- division at UFC 239.

“The Prince of Cieszyn” welcomed the former middleweight champion to the lightheavyweight division. However, with odds against him, Blachowicz literally turned heads with his dominating performance at the pay-per-view’s main event.

Jan Blachowicz vs Luke Rockhold – the main event of UFC 239

Fight Analysis-

The strikes from Balchowicz that knocked Luke Rockhold out cold

Round 1 of the main event started off easy with Rockhold trying to engage in the fight, with his guard down. Rockhold even tried to test Blachowicz’ grappling when he shot for the clinch and takedown. Blachowicz defended it with his expertise and landed nice elbows on the former middleweight champion’s face. This was followed by a good head kick from Rockhold. But the main damage took place at the initiation of the buzzer when Blachowicz tagged Rockhold with a left hook and a head kick. The combo took Rockhold down at then end of the buzzer. Rockhold had a minute to recover but the damage was already done

Round 2 started off with Rockhold grinning as if nothing really happened with him. Blachowicz dominated the rest of the fight with his leg kicks. Rockhold had already suffered keeping his guard down earlier when he lost his championship to Michael Bisping. And suffered again when Blachowicz caught him with a picture perfect combination which took Rockhold down. “You can tell Luke was done with the moment he went down”, commentator Joe Rogan said.

Strikes to the head followed after Luke Rockhold was knocked down from his feet, making referee Herb Dean stop the fight. UFC confirmed that the strikes broke Lucke Rockhold’s jaw. The Prince, ranked #6 at that time took his sweet revenge and continued to win the next two fights. His three win streak has risen him up to become the #3 ranked fighter at Light Heavyweight.

Blachowicz fights Dominick Reyes for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 253. The fight is the co-main event at Fight Island.

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