“She’s not the most polished person…” Jason Whitlock has a controversial take on Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany and their relationship

The analyst implied Mahomes could do better.

“She’s not the most polished person…” Jason Whitlock has a controversial take on Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany and their relationship

L-Jason Whitlock; R- Patrick and Brittany Mahomes (via IMAGO/X)

Jason Whitlock views Patrick Mahomes to be the real deal. Not as an NFL player, because that he is, but as a role model and a responsible athlete. With the Presidential elections fast approaching, celebrities with substantial influence are taking sides and are urging their followers to do so as well.

But very few stars that have a fan-following like Mahomes are refraining from speaking on the upcoming elections. While praising the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, the former journalist for ESPN took an unexpected turn in his rant. Jason Whitlock brought up Brittany Mahomes, the wife and mother, to the quarterback’s children.

He oddly opted to take a dig at her by expressing his surprise that despite Mahomes’ incredible rise to fame, he stayed with her and did not leave her for someone else.

I am not saying that she is unattractive. I'm not remotely saying that. But he has stayed loyal, and again, she's not the most polished person, but he loves her. He's stuck with her. I like and respect that about Patrick Mahomes.
Jason Whitlock said on his FEARLESS podcast

Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany are high-school sweethearts

Whitlock’s statement is absurd. It comes off as crude but it is a compliment to Patrick Mahomes in a manner of speaking. The quarterback has stayed loyal to Brittany, who is his high school sweetheart. The duo has grown up together and there is no person who understands him better than her.

It is said that wealth and fame do not change you as a person but reveal the true nature and characteristics of the individual. Despite his rise to fame, Patrick Mahomes remains the same humble and loyal man.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes (Via Imago)

It is not unusual to see athletes in long-term relationships prefer to date other celebrities or models who are famous. At times, fame and money have led to many childhood relationships being destroyed. In the case of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany, things are different. The duo is happily married and are the parents to two children.

Recently, Mahomes was in Las Vegas along with Travis Kelce to celebrate the Chiefs’ second-consecutive Super Bowl win. At this time, he was surrounded by women, and understanding that there was room to misinterpret his presence amongst the crowd of women, he simply turned around and began to dance with Kelce and took himself out of a tricky situation.

Mahomes’ wife Brittany gets a lot of heat from fans in the NFL at times with her being dubbed as cringe but irrespective of that, he has never let the public perception of her define the trajectory of their relationship. That is one of the most respectable traits of Patrick Mahomes.

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