JJ Redick could be ‘Lakers’ Pat Riley’ believes $5.9 billion worth organization, insider reveals

JJ Redick is highly valued by the Lakers organization.

JJ Redick could be ‘Lakers’ Pat Riley’ believes $5.9 billion worth organization, insider reveals

JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are considering JJ Redick for their vacant head coaching position, according to reports. Redick, a former NBA player and current media analyst, has had no prior coaching experience, but the Lakers see him as a prospect with great potential and have compared him to the legendary Pat Riley.

This news comes from Shams Charania and Jovan Buha via The Athletic, who reported that the Lakers are searching for a new head coach after they had fired Darvin Ham following what was a disappointing playoff exit. They are now looking for a coach who can lead the team to sustained success, as well as maximize the remaining years of LeBron James’ career and also build a solid foundation for Anthony Davis and future stars.

Leaguewide, Redick — a former player and media analyst — has garnered buzz for the position. The Lakers are infatuated with Redick’s potential, according to league sources, viewing him as a Pat Riley-like coaching prospect who could both help the franchise in the short term and lead it for years.
The report from Shams Charania and Jovan Buha of The Athletic said

Redick’s potential is highly regarded by the Lakers, as they believe he can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the team. While he faces the challenge of replicating even a fraction of Pat Riley’s success, the Lakers’ belief in him indicates they see a bright future with him at the helm.

If hired, Redick would become a key figure in shaping the Lakers’ future. With the team’s rich history and high expectations, he would need to navigate the pressure and scrutiny that come with coaching a high-profile team like the Lakers. However, the Lakers’ consideration of Redick shows they are willing to think outside the box and take a chance on a promising young coach.

Lakers’ coaching search could be delayed due to JJ Redick’s ESPN commitments 

JJ Redick, an ESPN analyst, is a top candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coaching position. However, his current job may complicate his pursuit of the role, as he is committed to covering the NBA playoffs for ESPN, according to Jake Fisher of Yahoo Sports. 

Redick is scheduled to work the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals for ESPN, making it difficult for him to leave the broadcast booth until the playoffs are over. This is not an uncommon situation, as teams often have to wait for assistant coaches from other teams to finish their playoff runs before hiring them.

If the Los Angeles Lakers don’t make a hire in the next few weeks, it may indicate that they are waiting for Redick to become available. This could tip their hand and potentially impact their chances of hiring other top candidates.

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