WATCH: Juan Soto COLDY stares down Dean Kremer after smashing home run in Yankees-Orioles game

Juan Soto would have a cold stare down with Dean Kremer of the Orioles after launching a 447 feet home run in the sixth inning.

WATCH: Juan Soto COLDY stares down Dean Kremer after smashing home run in Yankees-Orioles game

Juan Soto coldly stared down Dean Kremer after hitting a huge home run against him (Image via Imago/X)

Juan Soto did not seem to be in good mood when he walked up the plate to face Dean Kremer in the sixth inning during the recent matchup between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. He would go on to smash a 447 ft home run and have a cold stare down with the pitcher.

The 25-year-old slugger had previously worked a single and earned a walk against the Kremer. Despite this, the Soto was not pleased with his performance and the antics of the Orioles pitcher. After hitting a solo bomb against him, Soto would also flip his bat before staring him down.

During the at-bat, Soto would do his usual shuffle. The three-time MLB All-Star though thought that Kremer did not like this and took an exception against him.

Soto would work up a 3-2 full count before slamming the 93 mph sinker on Eutaw Street out of the Camden Yards. He would thus become just the 11th Yankee star to hit the ball that far at the home stadium of the Orioles.

In the post-match conference, Soto would explain his stare down. He went on take a swipe at Kremer and claimed he bet that the pitcher “didn’t like” his homer.

It was part of the game. We were going back and forth. He didn’t like the shuffle. I bet he didn’t like the homer, too.
Juan Soto said as per Bryan Hoch of

This home run in the sixth inning cut the Yankees deficit down to two as they then trailed 4-2. The Yanks though were unable to add any more runs and ended up losing a second straight game to their division rivals.

Juan Soto comments on Yankees dropping back-to-back games

After demolishing the Milwaukee Brewers and scoring 15 runs in two consecutive matches, the New York Yankees have dropped back-to-back games. This followed by a series split with the Oakland Athletics has left the Bronx Bombers second in the table after their fierce start to the season. Juan Soto would later comment on this sudden decline in form.

Juan Soto
Juan Soto (Image via Imago)

Soto would admit that the team is trying their best and grinding out. He would claim that things are just “not going their way” in the past couple of days.

We’re all grinding, we’re all trying to get some runs on the board. But things aren’t going our way. We hit the ball hard, we hit the ball in the gaps. They’re making great plays and diving all over the place. We’re giving good at-bats with contact, we’re hitting the ball hard. They just haven’t landed for us.
Juan Soto said as per YES Network.

This result meant the Yankees finished the month of April in second place with a 19-12 record. The Baltimore Orioles currently lead the division, while being one game ahead of the Yanks in first place with a 19-10 record. The Yanks will now enter the game on Thursday with hopes of salvaging the series and getting back on terms with the O’s.

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