“He is drinking Pediasure,” Kendrick Perkins hilariously jokes at Gregg Popovich ahead of Draft day

Gregg Popovich has coached the San Antonio Spurs for 27 years.

“He is drinking Pediasure,” Kendrick Perkins hilariously jokes at Gregg Popovich ahead of Draft day

Kendrick Perkins joked about Gregg Popovich's age during draft lottery.

After acquiring the number one pick in the NBA draft last year, the San Antonio Spurs have again come up high on the list. In the 2024 draft, the Spurs will get to pick fourth and eighth picks in the fresh draft. The team and head coach Gregg Popovich have a chance to build up a roster around Victor Wembanyama to have a better season than this year’s.

Gregg Popovich is one of the best coaches in NBA history and has contributed a lot to the San Antonio Spurs. But the veteran coach is also the oldest head coach in the NBA and yet has a 5-year deal with the Spurs. Hence, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins hilariously reflected on Pop’s role in the upcoming draft.

Right now, Gregg Popovich is drinking his Pediasure. He’s going to be 76 years old next year. You don’t think he wanna have a good run in the postseason with Victor? Well, he needs the pieces around him. 
Kendrick Perkins on ESPN

Despite having a poor season, Victor Wembanyama has been a great addition to the team. The young star has fully taken over as the face of the franchise and certainly has a bright future ahead. But despite the youngster’s Rookie of the Year season, the team had a below-par season. The team ended their season at the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

To improve the overall performance, the team needs essential role players alongside Wemby to do better and reach the playoffs. The high lottery picks will also help in putting together a talented roster. But more importantly, for the roster to work, the team will need Pop to have a better postseason next year.

Gregg Popovich once compared Victor Wembanyama’s age with his Bordeaux’s

Kendrick Perkins is not the only one who made fun of Popovich’s age. The Spurs’ head coach himself made a joke about the vast age difference between him and his rookie star. Popovich is the oldest coach in the league, and Wemby is one of the youngest players in the league.

Pop started coaching the Spurs during the 1996-97 season which was seven years before Wemby was even born. But Popovich used another hilarious way to highlight the age difference. In a post-game interview in March, as Wemby is French, Popovich compared him to his French wine at home.

All my Bordeaux's are older than Victor. That's a true statement.  
Gregg Popovich in a post-game interview in March

Popovich has been a long-time fan favorite for his humor and coaching skills. The veteran coach has led the Spurs to five championships since his joining. He is also one of the five coaches to achieve this milestone. Now with another star by his side, the coach has a chance to win another ring before he retires.

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