“Things were too chaotic for me,” Kenny Omega recalls the notorious ‘Brawl Out’ incident with CM Punk while admitting that he’s a terrible EVP

The AEW EVP looks back on the controversial All Out scuffle.

“Things were too chaotic for me,” Kenny Omega recalls the notorious ‘Brawl Out’ incident with CM Punk while admitting that he’s a terrible EVP

Kenny Omega and CM Punk [via- AEW]

The infamous backstage altercation between CM Punk and The Elite that stemmed from the former’s contentious remarks at the All Out media scrum has had ripple effects. Punk isn’t even in AEW anymore. Meanwhile, Kenny Omega is out with diverticulitis, while The Young Bucks have continued to revere their EVP status on television. Recently, Omega opened up about his ugly skirmish with The Best in the World during a live stream on Twitch.


Kenny admittedly called himself a terrible EVP. Because if he wasn’t, his duty during the Brawl Out would be to de-escalate the upbringing and create a peaceful environment. Omega recalled getting CM Punk‘s dog Larry out of harm’s way as his paramount concern, and he eventually succeeded. However, in that very moment, as the 40-year-old described, things were too chaotic for him.

The Best Bout Machine said he’s a believer in fighting. It just so happens in an environment where the emotions get the better of oneself. And that’s what transpired following an otherwise rewarding All Out pay-per-view in Chicago. The involved exponents, viz., The Elite and CM Punk, were handed suspensions and stripped of their respective titles.

So, to get little Larry out of there was the most important thing to me and that was a success. Unfortunately, try as I may, things were too chaotic for me to be able to do anything on my own power.
Kenny Omega on the Brawl Out incident

Even though Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks returned to AEW television following a 10-month hiatus, Punk was fired following yet another backstage scuffle with Jack Perry at All In. AEW CEO Tony Khan publicly announced Phil Brooks‘ contract termination on September 2 last year, almost an year after that infamous Brawl Out incident.


The Second City Saint then went on to plot his return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames. On the other hand, Omega remains uncertain about his future as an in-ring performer.

Kenny Omega states he’s still friends with CM Punk

Almost 18 months have passed since whatever boiled down behind the scenes at All Out. Many fans wonder where CM Punk and The Elite stand in their relationship with each other.

CM Punk and Kenny Omega
CM Punk and Kenny Omega [via- NoDQ.com on X]

While Matt and Nick Jackson may have a different stance on it, Kenny Omega shares a mutual respect with Punk, as mentioned in the above-stated Twitch stream.

It’s just mutual respect. We reached out to each other… I can’t really think of anyone that I dislike or have an issue with, especially an issue with wrestling… It’s not like, hey, we’re good now. It’s we were never bad. 
Kenny Omega on his relationship with CM Punk

Omega asserted that if it weren’t for a completely different factor, which he didn’t reveal, he and Punk would’ve talked it out on the night where they butted heads.


The Cleaner alluded to an NDA being in place that binds everyone involved to divulge the minute details about what went down. However, even if that agreement wasn’t adhered to, he wouldn’t have pulled the curtain back on that stuff, said Omega.

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