Killings leaderboard of PMWL 2020; Top 5 ‘Killers’


The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 is going and has entered its ultimate stage. The third day of the tournament ended with Team Futbolist climbing to the top after notching 241 points.

On the other hand, Konina Power made a remarkable comeback with 52 kills on the third day. With this, it gained 113 points. Now only six matches are left right now for the PMWL 2020 West Finals to end. So, all teams will try to showcase their abilities on the final day.

Top ‘Killers’ from third day of PMWL West Finals.

1) Konina Tixzy gained 16 kills, finishing on the top of leaderboard. He plays as a front assaulter for the team Konina. Konina got 52 kills on the third day. Previous day, it had got 22 kills less.

2) Konina Axzcer gained 2nd position on the leaderboard with 14 kills. His role is supporter for the team. With an extraordinary performance on the third day, team Konina Power climbed to the second spot.

3) Loops Carrilho gained the third spot on the leaderboard with 14 kills. He is being called one of the best players from the western region. Additionally, Carrilho was top fragger of the League Stage and had 133 kills.

4) Konina Gonzo got the 4th position on the kills leaderboard, gaining 12 kills. He is also the in-game leader of the Konina Power.

 5) PK Raven snapped the 5th position on the kills leaderboard with 12 kills. He is one of the best fragger from Pittsburgh Knights. The team had a remarkable day on the third day with 38 kills and 86 points. It moved from 14th position to 11th position. Currentky, the team has 60 frag points and 143 overall points.

PMWL 2020 West Finals Day 3 overall standings


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