“It don’t make sense!” LeBron James baffled by the fact that he hasn’t won ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ so far in his elite career

LeBron James was a 6-time All-Defensive player.

“It don’t make sense!” LeBron James baffled by the fact that he hasn’t won ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ so far in his elite career

LeBron James is baffled why he lost Defensive Player of the Year award to player who did not make All-Defensive 1st team

LeBron James has seemingly won every award there is in the NBA over his 21 seasons. However, he has not been able to get his hands on the Defensive Player of the Year award.


The only time he came closest was when he was voted 2nd in the race. More importantly, not winning the award has baffled the all-time greatest scorer to date.

LeBron James made a return to The Shop, where he hung around with other guests talking about various subjects. However, the podcast took a rather interesting turn when host Paul Rivera asked James about an award that he hasn’t won to date. 

Defensive Player of the Year. I mean that's the only award that I don't have in my house. It kind of stings. I've talked about this before, like, it don't make sense. So, the year I finished second in Defensive Player of the Year award, the guy who won Defensive Player of the Year didn't even make 1st team all Defense.
The Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Lebron James said

Rivera and guest Travis Scott could not make sense of that situation. To LeBron James, it still stings that he was not given the award despite coming 2nd in the voting.


The award in that 2013 season went to Marc Gasol. He was the anchor of the 2nd-best defense in the league at the time and received 30 votes. In comparison, James received 18 votes but was a part of the All-Defensive 1st team.

Had James won the award, it would mean that he would have awards in both offense and defense. A milestone not many have been able to achieve in their playing careers.

LeBron James as a defensive ace

In his prime years, James was a regular 1st-team All-Defensive player. Since then, in a bid to keep his energy levels high, he has chosen his spots.

Several times in recent memory, James has been seen ball-watching when he could have attempted to slow down the opposition. But that does not take away anything from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s ability when he is switched on.


As he showed in two back-to-back games against the New Orleans Pelicans, when push comes to shove, James can turn into the best defender on the team. In the first game, he limited Zion Williamson to just 12 points. Whereas in the second game tonight, he focused his energy on the other Pelicans players more, allowing Williamson to dominate.

That pick-and-choose method helps the 39-year-old keep himself ready for the big battles down the stretch. In the coming playoffs, basketball aficionados can get a glimpse again of how he influences a game defensively.

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