WATCH: LeBron James goes VIRAL for hilarious exchange with Kevin Hart and Druski on Kai Cenat live stream

This hilarious exchange was live and watched by 700,000 people.

WATCH: LeBron James goes VIRAL for hilarious exchange with Kevin Hart and Druski on Kai Cenat live stream

LeBron James goes viral for hilarious exchange with Kevin Hart and Druski while on Kai Cenat's live stream

LeBron James is without a doubt the most popular basketball player in the world. That also means not many people can directly meet or talk to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, however, is a close friend of the 4-time NBA champion. Which is why he decided to FaceTime James live while on Kai Cenat‘s live stream. This led to a hilarious exchange between James, Hart, Cenat, and comedian Druski.

Once Kevin Hart made the call, James apparently mouthed an expletive. That’s because he did not know they were Live. Once he understood that there were nearly 700,000 people watching the livestream, he was shocked and hoped nobody heard him say that word. Then Druski and Cenat tried coaxing him to say the word again. But when Hart turned his phone towards the camera, all James did was show a hand gesture. To this Druski and Kai Cenat ended up hysterically laughing as they knew the superstar would not repeat that word.

James was just having fun along with them. Kai Cenat’s livestreams do end up having many such instances. This hilarious exchange shows how the Los Angeles Lakers superstar gets along when the right people are around. But is wary of saying anything that could harm his image.

After all, he has created an image of being a family-focused superstar. Which means he should not be heard saying expletives or anything derogatory. But didn’t stop him from having another hilarious exchange with them.

LeBron James and his hilarious Game 8 exchange

A while later, Kevin Hart asked LeBron James when he would be training for Team USA basketball. To this James answered that he does not know the schedule yet. But then, Druski asked Hart if the former league MVP was playing right now. To this Hart replied:

“He’s LeBron James, of course he’s in the Finals.”

When James heard this exchange, he added:

“Of course I’m playing, Game 8.”

One could see a smirk coming onto Kevin Hart’s face. Suggesting Hart and James were taking both the other’s cases with a joke they could not catch.

It was evident as Kai Cenat then asked if he could get tickets to watch that supposed Game 8 of the finals. This means they were largely unaware of the circumstances of the NBA season. But it sure led to a situation that Hart and James would laugh about later.

Kai Cenat and Druski might not know about what happens in the game of basketball. However, they sure know who LeBron James is. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar just saw an example of how popular he is.

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