LeBron James joins rapping great Eminem to create documentary about music piracy

LeBron James has been making moves into the entertainment industry ever since moving to Los Angeles.

LeBron James joins rapping great Eminem to create documentary about music piracy

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James teams up with Rapper Eminem to create a documentary about music piracy

When LeBron James moved to Los Angeles, it was done not only to continue his basketball career but also, to expand his work in business. One of the primary businesses that he has flourished in, has been the entertainment side. Now he gets to team up with one of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem.

The two joined hands to create a documentary about music piracy titled ‘How Music Got Free’. The 2-part documentary will show artists and pirates who have experienced what it was during the early 2000s to late 2010s. A time when piracy was rampant in the music industry. The situation was so bad that the entire music industry was losing significant earnings and was almost staring at bankruptcy. That situation called for the FBI to step in and investigate.

All of this relates to the times of Napster, the infamous free music platform that set the ball rolling for music piracy. However, the investigation and clampdown on piracy have led to the music industry to boom like never before.

The 4-time champion and Eminem collaborating on this project is a major step for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. After all, he has an eye for good content. Most importantly, this is him collaborating with musical artists, an industry he admires greatly.

LeBron James and his love for music

It is no secret that LeBron James loves music. Whenever the Los Angeles Lakers superstar gets a chance, he is seen humming along or dancing to music. He has been seen singing along to songs while driving. He was also lip-syncing to songs while working out as well as practicing a shootaround.

From being a fan, he has evolved and has created long-lasting friendships with rappers. He, for instance, does not take sides and is in the good books of the who’s who of the hip-hop and rap industry. He also makes it a point to hype up-and-coming rappers too. That is his way of appreciating the industry for giving him something good to listen to for so long.

But to work with Eminem might have been something he was longing for a long time. This documentary will premiere on June 11 on Paramount Plus.

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